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History of the Elves

The elves are a race that dominate the Westland, most living in the Elven city of Arborlon. They believe that one has to give back to the Earth with healing and caring. Allanon relates their story to Flick and Wil Ohmsford when he goes to Storlock for aid from Wil.

In the Time of the Faerie...

The Elves are a special race. Many of the people believed that the elves were a fifth race that developed from the race of man after the Great Wars, but this is not true. The true story of the elves is that they are the same elves that lived during the time of the Faerie, except that they had evolved considerably and adapted. The elves used to have magic, which was used to form the Ellcrys that sealed away the demons in the Forbidding. After the demons were sealed into the Forbidding, the elves didn't have a use for their magic any longer, so their use of it began to dwindle. Finally, they lost their magic entirely.

During the time of Man...

When man began to develop, the elves didn't take notice of them very much. They were just another race, but as they began to dominate the lands, the elves began to hide in the forests and seperate themselves from the race of man. Finally, when they did think to do something about it, they were driven to the point where the magic haad been bred out of them, so they had no powerful weapon against man and mankind outnumbered their population hopelessly. They were forced to hide and wait until after the Great Wars destroyed the world.

After the Great Wars...

After the great wars, the elves came out of hiding and dominated the Westland. Many of the events during the time of Allanon concerned the elves. The elves were led by Jerle Shannara against the Warlock Lord in the Second War of the Races. When the Ellcrys failed, the elves were locked in combat with the demons that were trapped in the Forbidding.

During the Federation...

A few hundred years before the Federation had completely taken over in the time of Par, Wren, and Walker, the elves had begun to experiment with magic. They recovered a little bit of their magic, lost since the time of Faerie, and with it, they began to experiment. Some of the ones who dared do so became subverted and became the Shadowen. When this occured, the elves made the decision to leave The Four Lands. Using the elfstone, the Loden, the elves moved the entire city of Arborlon and the elven nation to the island of Morrowindl. There, more troubles occured when experimentations with magic yielded demons that prowled the island and turned Morrowindl into an island of death. This occured about ten years before Wren came to the island. After Wren rescued the elves and had become the new queen of the elves, the elves returned to the Four Lands and helped battle against the Federation.

Famous Elves

Jerle Shannara

Preia Shannara

Tay Trefenwyd


Shea Ohmsford (part man)

Wil Ohmsford (part man)

Eventine Elessedil

Amberle Elessedil

Ander Elessedil

Brin Ohmsford (part man)

Jair Ohmsford (part man)

Wren Elessedil

Par Ohmsford (part man)

Ellenroh Elessedil

Walker Boh (mostly man)

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