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The History of the Dwarves

The dwarves are one of the four races that evolved from mankind after the Great Wars. Culhaven is an important Dwarven city. They are skilled builders, demonstrated when Browork sets the dwarves working on the bridges for the elves during the war with the demons.

In the Time of Faerie...

The dwarves were one of the races that lived in the time of the Faerie, but when man evolved and took over, they became extinct.

After the Great Wars...

After the Great Wars destroyed the old world, those of the men who survived went underground and lived in hiding. They evolved over the years and eventually became the dwarves. Finally, when the re-emerged into the world of light, they vowed that they would never be trapped underground again. Thus, dwarves have a dislike against caves, etc.

During the time of Allanon...

The dwarves became involved in many of the wars that occured during this time. They helped at the First War of the Races with Jerle against the Warlock Lord and they stood agian with the elves against the demons at Arborlon.

During the Federation...

The dwarves stood against the Federation and resisted them for as long as they could, but they finally submitted. The Creepers deployed by the Federation were what finally caused their fall. Going to the once proud and beautiful city of Callahorn, one can see nothing but dismal conditions and hopelessness. Quickening had given back some of their hope when she restored to them the Meade Gardens.

Famous Dwarves




Elb Foraker


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