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Hi! Welcome to my all access *NSYNC website! This is a sight in which can give you a laugh or two. Now, I know many humor sights say that teenyboppers should leave, well, most of them are hypocrites because you know that the only way you can make fun of somebody is to know a whole heck of a lot about them! I would think they are just as big of a teenybopper as the next NSYNC fanatic.

At my sight you can check out crunk stuff such as the basic humor, to buckled down facts about Chris, Justin, Joey, JC, or Lance. I will try to update my site as much as I can.

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Do you hate Britney Spears? Or how about anybody who Justin, Lance, Chris, Joey or JC have been paired up with according to the media? I'm sorry. I do admit that Britney Spears does get on my nerves too. Although, unlike most NSYNC fans, I am not a die hard Justin fan, but I do love him!

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Thanx for visiting my site! It's so kool that you can have such a sense of humor, or possibly love for our boyband........... *NSYNC! As you can see, I don't have much stuff on my websight right now but I'm working on it. Please keep checking in on how my site is coming along. Thanx again, and stay in SYNC!

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