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People standing around!
A shot of the River!
More people standing around (plus a boat)
Part of the Men's senior squad rowing
Another shot of the Men's senior squad rowing...
The Senior Women...doing something to a boat.
Two Senior Women...rowing!
My crew winning our first mini-regatta! (That's me in the blue jacket at bow!)
Another picture of us winning!
A Novice Women crew on the move!
Our crew! I don't know what I'm doing with my arm.
We're off for our last race!
Coming down the river! We're only a little ahead here.
Luke's blade comes out at the very end of the race...but we win anyway!
Getting our trophies!!!
Luke and Andy explaining a drinking game in the pub afterwards!
Girl, Patrick, Myself, Seph, Becky, and Andy in a pub, celebrating!
At the ball!

This is what I do so that I don't have any spare time!