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I'm sorry that I'm not advanced enough to do thumbnails, but here are some pictures of places we've been!

"Cause everyone's my friend
In New York City
And everything looks beautiful
When you're young and pretty
The streets are paved with diamonds
and there's so much to see
But the best thing about New York City is

You and Me."

They Might Be Giants

The Still-Life Series.

A sign in a Tea Shop
A Pond
A Patio at Saint Fagan's, aka the Welsh National Museum
A Covered Walkway at Saint Fagan's
Queen Street with World Cup Rugby Flags
A Rain Forest in Mauritius
A desert
The Cardiff Castle
The Sun Setting in Caernarfon
The Sun Setting in Caernarfon (again)
The Sun Setting in Caernarfon (through a castle window)
The Infamous Desk in my Room!!!
The Infamous Closet in my Room!!!
The Infamous Bed in my Room!!!
How the USA was represented in the Rugby Parade
St. Mary's Street on the opening day of the Rugby World Cup!
A Picture of a Castle (similar to Lindsay's picture)
An example of a mountain that was stripped in the search for coal and slate
The Sun Also Rises in Canada...
And sets in Claremont!