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Random Observations - Sept. 26, 1999

Trash is everywhere here. There aren't as many trash cans as in America, so people basically just toss things in the street. I saw a shopkeeper scraping a sign off of his door, and there were pieces of paint and paper everywhere, and he just left it there in the street.

Also, there aren't any water conservation efforts here, or a large-scale recycling program. I know it sounds petty and stupid, but I really wish that people here were more into conserving their environment.

Everyone has cell phones here as well. There aren't a lot of dorms with phones in the halls, much less the rooms, so to get in contact with people, cell phones are the best bet. I've succombed to the fad, which kind of makes me feel bad, since I am realizing how much I am dependent upon technology. It's strange as well, because I always thought that people walking down the street with cell phones, talking, or in stores with them, looked stupid - but I am now seeing how it can be a nice thing to have.