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Friends and Family Rock-n-Roll Picture Palace!!!

Elizabeth Schwyzer and I hot-tot-tubbing it up at DeBenn!!!
The Hardcore Claremont UU Crew!!!
Stacie Milam and I at Red Rock!!!
Stacie Milam and I at some party...
John Barnes and I. Midwestside.
Sister Andrea Swanson and I graduating!
Me mum, me dad, me me!
My sister and I!!!
Three hot Crest girls in the back of a van!
The Kronk Girls!!!
Kassia y la familia joven!
Kassia y su padre
Carrie Green, the happiest girl in the world!!!
Carrie Green again!
Carrie Green again!!!
Carrie Green AGAIN (with yours truly)!!!
Saara Antilla and myself
Kassia in a photo booth...

Hey hey, some pictures of my friends and family!!!
Just one of those amateur home-page features that needed including.