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Dean David Perez

As you may know, next year a new Dean of Students will be chosen for Pitzer College. Last year, David Perez stepped out of the running for interim dean of Students because he had a higher goal – to get his masters and become eligible for this permanent Dean of Students position.

While the appointment is still far off, it is not too early to show your support for Dean Perez. Please, please, please, if you have had a good experience with David, sign the guestbook below with your name, year, and perhaps a comment why you think David Perez should be our next Dean of Students.

I personally am for Dean Perez because he is someone who knows the extent of the workings of Pitzer College inside and out. Beyond this, though, he lives and breathes for Pitzer College and especially for the students. Anyone that was around last year will remember that the Dean of Students office was plagued with problems, but while Dave Clark resigned, the hall directors quit and signs that said “Staci Buchwald Lies” went on walls and even backpacks, David Perez was the one person that students still believed in and who was untouched by the scandal, and this was because people knew he did his job passionately and fairly, that he worked both with and for the students. Beyond this, he was the one person at Pitzer that people felt good enough about that they sent letters of support to the Interim Dean of Students search committee to try to make him dean.

Please, click on the link below and show your support. Pitzer students need Dean Perez.

Gayla Hamik-Beckley ’02, James Merchant ’01 and Andrew Samtoy '02

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