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Alice Flynn's Virtual San Diego Tour

Hey Alice! I have use of a digital camera for a little bit, so I figured I'd put these up online to give you a taste of what San Diego is like on a late Sunday afternoon (around 6:00 p.m.). I started with these photos, and will try to add more for you. :)

The files are pretty big, so they might take a while to load. In the future they'll be smaller.

Rock on!

Entering the apartment, you see the living room
Moving on, the dining area
The Kitchen
My room (there's another bedroom that I didn't photograph)
The view from the window (similar to the balcony, but not as good!)
In San Diego, we have outdoor lobbies
There's a walkway directly to the beach!
The view to the left
The view to the right
The view straight ahead
The beach to the left
My building!