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Basara Fanfics

          Yes, although avid readers of Basara manga know all aspects of life of all of the characters (9.9 maybe it's just me, I don't know), there is always room to squeeze something in or add perspective into Tamura Yumi's long and convoluted plot. The multitude of characters offers fantastic dialogue and interaction for fanfic writers. SO, anyone who has ANY kind of writing relating to Basara (or anything else by Tamura Yumi is fine too!), if you would please send it to me, I would be happy to post it here. Also, for writers who doubt their abilities, I can edit stories or suggest ideas, if you want. (Personally, I seem to have constant writer's block--I have a great idea, but it just doesn't start. -.-) There aren't many right now, but please send! Anything and everything is appreciated!

The Ageha-Arrow Do-It-Yourself Story

A little multiple-choice birthday-present story written by my good buddy Kaede, for me. Ume is a character she made up "for" Hayato, basically as his little love-muffin. The Aya referred to in parts is the main character (or one of them) from the anime/manga(?) series Weiss Kruez. Warning: This story is a provocative. Reccomended for mature (it's not TERRIBLE, but--) readers who can take a joke, please. Flames are not appreciated.

Little Red Riding Ageha

Again, this story isn't exactly G-rated material. Narrated by Ume, an adaptation of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Nana is a character created by's a long story. Just for a little background info, she's Chacha and Zaki's daughter--I've never really gotten around to putting her story down on paper, but I will! Someday!

Basara Badminton

Inspired by a little story written by one of my friends as a kind of "what if" little ditty. What if the cast of Rurouni Kenshin were pitted against each other in the most horrible, violent, and heartbreaking match of all time--a nice friendly round of, yes, badminton, everyone's favorite sport. This time, it's selected characters from the cast of Basara versus each other on the court, with a lovely announcer's-booth point of view by yours truly. The guest stars in the bleachers are my friends (so sue me, it's funny)--reader beware, there is some swearing and sexual implication. It's written like a script, almost, and just so everyone knows, at the time that I wrote this, I thought Shuri was rather, well, hot. That is no longer true, for in my opinion, Ageha is MUCH cooler and suave and all of that good stuff. So reader, do not take my comments in the announcer's booth seriously, they are meant merely in jest.


Basara Fanart

Sketched by me during a very boring prep period with a mechanical pencil in the library. It's anime-style Hayato!

By me, again, it's Hiiragi-sensei! Oooh, he's so evil. He was cute when he was younger, but now, he's all grody and hangs out with Ginko and--yeah.

WOOHOO!! The first fanart here NOT by me! My darling Ageha as drawn by my friend Callie--Zephie loves you, Callie!! She also CGed it and it's so pretty! See the color version.