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Ageha-Arrow Do-It-Yourself Story


One day, in

  1. Jipangu
  2. Kaede-Arrow-Spiffy-Land
  3. Palo Alto High School
  4. Teletubby Land

Ageha was walking down the street wearing

  1. his spiffy blue cloak and eye-patch.
  2. his Kichou outfit.
  3. a short red dress and high heels.
  4. one of those annoying orange gis everyone in DBZ wears.
  5. Aya's trenchcoat.

All of a sudden, he noticed a commotion down the street. It was

  1. Sarasa fighting with Shuri.
  2. Asagi throwing a hissy fit.
  3. a certain bespectactled girl trying to run and tackle him but getting thrown into some clay pots.
  4. Hayato screaming as Ume dragged him into her cabana and <censored>.

This was pretty normal for a regular day, so Ageha

  1. kept walking
  2. did a funky little dance
  3. ate a cookie
  4. went super-deformed
  5. did a cartwheel

and ran into

  1. a growling tiger
  2. a wall
  3. a pirate chick
  4. a microwave

who said

  1. "Ow!"
  2. "You're hot!"
  3. "Raaar!"
  4. "Hey, is that your wallet or are you just happy to see me?"

Ageha gave a smirk and replied, "Well, actually

  1. I'm a woman."
  2. I'm a lost little boy and I miss my mommy."
  3. I am a Knight who says Ni."
  4. this is all a dream."

Arrow shrugged a little, tossing

  1. cookies
  2. her hair over her shoulder
  3. off her clothes
  4. off Ageha's clothes

and looking

  1. him square in the eye.
  2. at his crotch.
  3. at his lack of ribs.
  4. at his big sword.
  5. at Kagerou.

She then

  1. grinned
  2. stripped
  3. sang "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
  4. killed Kaede for this stupid story
  5. tore off Ageha's clothes and licked his body all over


  1. rubbed pudding all over his body
  2. put bows in his hair
  3. painted his toenails
  4. <censored>

before she

  1. dragged him back to her ship.
  2. boinked him in the middle of the street.
  3. got in trouble with Mommy.

After a good long period of

  1. doing math homework,
  2. getting to "know each other better",
  3. washing each other's hair,
  4. sharing dancing techniques,

Ageha and Arrow decided to play a game. In fact, they decided to play

  1. Twister
  2. Charades
  3. Guess Who
  4. Clue
  5. Two Minutes in the Closet


  1. Aya.
  2. Kagerou.
  3. Ume.
  4. Karen.
  5. Bob, the Cigarette Smoking Man.

After a good long game, they went to

  1. a bar for drinks
  2. the circus
  3. bed
  4. a dance club

where Ageha bought Arrow

  1. a teddybear.
  2. a noogidoy
  3. an eyepatch of her own so they could be twins.
  4. something leather.
  5. a male prostitute.

Arrow loved her gift and promptly

  1. bought Ageha a spiffy new hat.
  2. mailed Asagi to Bermuda.
  3. wondered where the hell this story was going.
  4. <censored>

After a long evening of

  1. Scrabble,
  2. the Macarena,
  3. seeing who could scream the most like a girl,
  4. <censored>,

Ageha and Arrow said

  1. "Good night."
  2. "Damn you're hot."
  3. "My eyepatch is stuck to your blouse!"
  4. "<censored>."

Each went their separate ways, Arrow dreaming of

  1. nekkid Ageha
  2. more nekkid Ageha
  3. nekkid Asagi (and killing him)
  4. killing Kaede
  5. chocolate

and Ageha thinking of

  1. Arrow
  2. Sarasa/Tatara
  3. Karen
  4. That scary guy he slept with in vol. 11
  5. his choreography

before he disappeared into the

  1. sunset.
  2. night.
  3. Twilight Zone.

d. Monkey Island.