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          Wai. I'm finally updating this. As some of you might have noticed (all three people, yes, thank you) I changed the front page. Is it not nifty? It looked cool when I first made it, but now somehow the text turned black again, so I'll fix that after I finish writing this. I think the orange looks nice, especially with the pic of Sarasa I'm trying to simplify the whole site (piece by piece, when I get time, woohoo) to make it more user-friendly. I have to get myself on AniPike soon. Ah, well, that can wait until I do more manga summaries and things. Currently I'm trying to work on a BIG (large, humongous) image map for the Characters page. Don't worry, I'm taking down the crappy-ass layout I have right now for it, but y'all'll have to live with it for now. And there will ACTUALLY be character information, too, isn't it amazing??

          Alrighty, time for an "Arrow's REAL Life" update. Dont' worry, it'll be short. I don't really have a life. I spent half of my beautiful, warm Spring Break Our Japanese Cultural Festival is on April 15th, so we have to get our little tail-feathers shaking to get the show on the road. I get to co-teach the Anime, Manga Drawing, Masks, and Obon-odori (dance-thingie) classes, yay. 'Course, the Anime and Manga Drawing and Masks classes are with my dear friend Kaede (insert shameless plug for my friend's website here). The JCF is gonna be fun, but I'll be little miss super-stress. Yay. Anyway, other things in my life...oh, my church youth group (we're not a REAL church...we're Unitarian Universalists) service went well, I got to be the emcee again this year and that was fun. This weird guy came up to us after the service and made us stay so he could take embarrassing pictures of us. Freak. If we weren't doped up on pie for breakfast, I think we (or at least *I* would've) throttled him from lack of sleep. At least we got it done.

          I was just wondering, I know a lot of people don't know why I use the name "Arrow," so I think I'll just slap a big, fat SPOILER warning from here on. Okay, it's actually from Basara, and people who know me in Real Life (wow, they DO exist!) have heard about this MANY, MANY times. So here goes. In manga 25, there's the little Ageha's-past story, called "HAZAMA." It starts with him being sexy and young and doing pushups and a little strength-training circuit (get buff, Ageha, get buff!!). To make a long side-story short, this spiffy-ass chick called "Aro" who's also part of Madame Butterfly's little troupe ends up having sex with Ageha and teaching him stuff and...stuff. ^.^ So, of course, I adapted that to what I thought the Anglosized version of her name would be, "Arrow." The sad thing is, though, she gets killed by the GODDAMN BLEEPING RED GUARD MOTHERFECKERS!! ::does the little Psycho thing, stalks Shidou with a big kitchen knife:: Ree...ree...ree...ree... Yeees. She dies in Ageha's arms, and it's sad, and I still cry when I think about it. ;.; Then I got the second artbook, where Tamura-sensei explains how she got Aro's name. Because her little performing group are "The Three Harpies of the Wind" (don't ask me, that's what it says!!!), her name is an adaptation of "Aeolus," one of the four guardians of the wind in Greek mythology. So, technically, her name should be "Alo" or "Aelo," but I'm stuck with Arrow, which I don't mind. There's my sad story. ::sniffles::

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Who should I cosplay as for Anime Expo 2K?


          I need y'all's help!! I'm trying to get a new format going for this page (The Basara "Temple," yeah right), but I can't see to get a good one! E-mail suggestions to me at Arrow. Thanks much!!!


Love love!

     Arrow yori

     March 25, 2000