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Well lets start back in January of 1998 when I first met Mike Dickey . I was working at a video store in Palmdale Ca, where I met one of my good friends of today and the other half of the R ‘n’ R Connection, Ruben Garcia. You see Ruben turned me on to the E.W.F. shows that Jessie Hernandez use to have at the K-PAL studio in Lancaster. Anyway one day I was working and was listening to the radio where I heard an advertisement for a wrestling show. Only catching a portion of the advertisement I called Ruben and asked if he knew anything about a wrestling show other than the E.W.F. coming up to the Antelope Valley. Ruben said “No! , but I’ll see what I can find out” He than called around and found out that there was a wrestling show to be held at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. He said that he called and talked to Mike Dickey , and that the card was unbelievable. So after work I went to pick up the tickets from Mike’s house. He told me on how he was putting on a wrestling show /collectable show . I thought it was a good idea, hell I thought it was a great idea! I than told him that if he needed any help that I would help him out, passing out flyers, setting up and also selling some of the tickets for him. So I took the tickets and flyers and off I went. Needles to say if any of you went the show you know that only a couple of the big names advertised for the show , showed up. Was that Mike Dickey’s fault ??? No. It wasn’t He did get screwed…. The promoter that put on the wrestling part of the show took off, and Mike left before the show because he had too much stress. Leaving me to deal with the pissed off wrestlers at the end of the show. I had many of the wrestlers come up to me and ask where Mike was and where their pay was. I told them that all I was was a fan and that I could call Mike for them and they could talk to him. Things did get worked out but the point is he left, and I covered his a$$!! I talked to Mike after the show and told him that I talked to the wrestlers and let them know that it wasn’t his fault, that is was the promoter that screwed them. He seemed pretty relieved. I gave him my number and he told me that if he ever through another show he give me a call.
I kept in touch with Mike after the show. Than one day he called me up and asked if I could help him out again. He told me that he was going to start up a new federation with a promoter, and some other guy, that he had met at his first show called the P.W.A. So I called up Ruben and gave him the news, and once again Ruben and I helped out Mike Dickey and passed out flyers, sold tickets, and helped set up. Keep in mind we were doing all this for the love we have for wrestling, no money, just for the love of it. I did things such as, calling up The Shadowe Man on the Squared Circle and plugged the show; I also got his number and gave it to Mike so he could ask him to do the commentary, which he did. He also got a lot of advertising for the show from The Shadowe Man, and had a really great turn out for the show. I also gave him some good ideas that he never used. Ruben and I helped him out for 2 or 3 shows. Than one day he called and said that he had a meeting with his partners and tried to get us in the fed, keep in mind we asked for no money. Well according to mike one of them just didn’t agree, so they really didn’t want our help. Than Mike left the P.W.A. after one of the other partners told him on the phone that they should just split their losses and that they wouldn’t need him anymore. And so that’s what Mike did.
I talked to Mike and told him not to give up and to think of throwing another show, and if he did I would be there for him. So one day he called me up and told me …in about a year that we would be throwing our first show, and that we would get paid for it. I was very happy, and very excited. I told him not to worry about the money now. You see it has been my dream to write a wrestling show, which I did, but it was never used. And it has been Rube’s dream to do color commentary, which he did, and he did quite well. And we have Mike to thank for it. But things didn’t work out as planned. For one before the first show, I moved from the Antelope Valley to Laughlin Nevada where I live now. I still did what I had to do, and wrote the show with the list of wrestlers that Mike had said he booked. I also made the flyers and wrote what was basically said in the commercial; I also came out with their slogan. “It’s not just Extreme, It’s Chaotic!” Well things started getting messed up. For one Mike had some personal problems, which put him in a predicament to spend over $8.000 dollars of sponsor money, on hotel rooms and other things but through all of that he said that there would be a show. So I took the time off work rented a car and left with story lines for the show. I arrived a day before the show and Mike was stressing, telling me that he had to cancel some of the wrestlers and might have to cancel the show. I said “ You want to cancel the show a day before, are you fucking crazy?” “Something will come up,” I said. “ Don’t worry”. The day of the show I went to Ventura to pick up one of my very good friends Mikey, (He refed at the second show) Anyway I talked to Mike on the phone and he said that we were not going to have enough money for the show, and that he was just going to cancel it. I said, ”Terry Funk is on his way and you want to cancel the show?” So I told him don’t worry I’ll think of something. My friend Mikey had recently come into some money, and offered to lend Mike the money for the show. $4000 dollars of his money that was suppose to be for his car. You see Mikey is an 18 year old kid that was suppose to get his car with the money he had come into, but decided to lend it to Mike Dickey who promised him that he would pay it back with in 3 weeks. That was 8/6/00 it’s been 7 months and Mike still hasn’t paid him back. The show was changed at the last minute so I couldn’t use what I wrote, and Mike told some local backyarders that they could wrestle in the show. With all that happing the show turned out to be pretty good. Well we barley got through the first show, with the help of my good friend Mikey. So up came the next show, which was, suppose to feature Kevin Nash. Mike also told me that he found someone that would lend him $8000 dollars for the show if he had both our signatures on the contract so I told him to send it and that I would probably sign it. After a while I called him and asked him about it and he said not to worry about it that he went ahead and signed my name. Now first off Mike was paying too much for some of the wrestlers and kept changing the card on me, making it very difficult to write the show, than it was very hard to get in to contact with Mike. I called everyday getting in touch with him maybe once a week, if I was lucky. Any way with the changing of the wrestlers every time I talked to him, I decided to wait to write the show, which I did in the locker room before the show. So I got more time off work and rented another car and hotel room and went back down for another show. Did Kevin Nash show up? NO! Mike trusted another promoter and got screwed. Well the show went on any way and it really didn’t seem to bother any one that Nash didn’t show. Maybe it was the fact that Mike gave refunds on the tickets, he even gave money back on comped tickets. The show still turned out to be another good show. Shortly after the 2nd show, mike told me that he felt that he didn’t need me any more and that I really never did anything for him anyway. That was the day that C.W.F. pretty much died. He said that he was firing me. I told him how could you fire someone that was a volunteer? I later called and left a message on his answering machine, pissed off I told him that he better think of what he was doing and to remember all the things I did for him. I than took off for a couple of days to think, calling up some people that I met in the business and who had also known Mike. They gave me the advice to start my own Federation and to forget about Mike and That I would do a better job than him anyway. So I did take their advice and I am in the process of starting up my own fed, along with some other very professional people. Mike did however call me back and acted as though he never said any of the things he said, and told me that he was wrong and that two of the backyarders had told him to get rid of me and kept putting things in his head. He tried to blame everything on two people that were pretty straight up and were friends of mine. So Is Mike a man…Hell no! He can’t take responsibility for anything he does. He told me the day that I refused to go back with him that he would probably not throw another show if I didn’t come back, although he told everyone that he would throw one in March. Well now that I’ve been gone what has C.W.F. done? One other show that I heard really wasn’t that good, which was sad since it was for toys for tots, they did raise a lot of toys though. Mike also bounced some checks, from what I heard and no one would allow him to through another show I the Antelope Valley. Which brings me to why I haven’t thrown my first show. Mike has given wrestling a bad name in The Antelope Valley. No one in the Antelope Valley will let us have a show at his or her place. Most of them said that they had bad experiences with other wrestling federations. So if you would like to see Wrestling in the Antelope Valley, sorry because of Mike Dickey, you’re shit out of luck. So wrestling fans, if you want to see a wrestling show in the Antelope Valley You’ll have to wait until we find a place. To every one who wrestled for the C.W.F. The Hard Kore Kid, Red, The Haystacks, Tony Denucci, El Mongul, Primal Rage, Rayne, Angel, Spyder, J.T., Doink, The Navajo Warrior, Terry Funk, Vinny Black, The Iron Sheik, and all the rest I thank you and hope we can work together in the future. And trust me when I say this.” We will treat you with the respect that you deserve and work for someone that cares” And to the fans, if you have any ideas or suggestions e-mail me and let me know. We need a place to have the show. All help is appreciated. This is Rick Davila aka.Rick Ruthless and former president of the C.W.F. saying " It's been fun, and it's been great , but things will only get better".

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