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Record of Lodoss War

HAHAHAHA! I will not give a summary for this series. At least yet. Well...maybe a little one. Record of Lodoss War OAV's are about a group of six adventurers trying to push the scales of the wars that create havoc among Lodoss into the Light's favor. This series is really spiffy. My friend was nice enough to let me borrow the OAV series. I watched the whole thing in 3 days. Recently(can u say yesterday) i began to buy the Record of Lodoss War TV series. My sub. I saw the Dub at Anime Expo 99 and we were laughing at it, not with it, for the voice acting. And of course, this site will have the customary Deedlit shrine, which seems to grace every Record of Lodoss War site i've ever seen. POW POW! PARN!-last updated 11/7

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