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Cephirotic Ascension

I LIVE! HOOhahahahahaha. And i have a somewhat basic understanding of HTML. You know that book that i talked about when i updated this site half year ago? It was boring, so i never read it. So now i'm taking Web Design at school, which is real easy. Unfortunantly, i still have to learn about images and frames, which should be done within a week or two.

So, i betcha u want to know what will happen with this site? Well, when i learn how to make and add backgrounds, there will be a major visual rehaul. I will keep the Record of Lodoss War site still up, but I will must likely never update it. I will not make the EVA page, cuz my friend Earl has already made a kick ass one. The link to his page can be found in the link section, under Vertigo Anime. I will probably add a Cowboy Bebop page, because that series is the bomb, and it will give me an excuse to put my page on Anipike. I will have a review page, where i will write a few reviews that I feel worthy. Note to Earl-feel free to steal any review I write. I will also add a rant page, cuz it's fun to rant...heheh. So hopefully this site will be fully revamped and functional by the end of October...a year later than i had planed. Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to e-mail me when and where Anime Expo 2001 will be taking place, do so. I want to register immediately. Well then, keep your eyes(for the two or three people who might visit my site) open for updates. Jaa ne! 10/1/00

Record of Lodoss War Page
Cowboy Bebop-Coming Soon
Anime Reviews!