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*******Please note as of September 11- 02,for new members is one extremeley important change for all new members - if you don't want to participate, with the exception of vacations,illness,ect, you will be asked to leave the webring. We are an interactive webring, so please if you don't want to be involved, don't waste my time or your own.One more thing, you must know how to "copy and paste".
Before applying, please read through this site,make sure you understand and can accept everything KIA is about. You must have a website to sign guestbooks with graphics, you will be asked to be kind and upload these graphics to your own server,and link back to KIA.If this is a problem, as long as you know how to copy and paste,we have an answer, so please just let me know. Feel free to also post your own page banner at the sametime. All thats asked of you is a few minutes a day to sign a guestbook. However if you are busy with family responsibilities, vacations, ect, its fine to skip sometimes. The most common question is :Where do we Find these Guestbooks? Simple search webrings,on disabilties, death, abuse, ect.You can also use a search engine and easily find personal pages on illness,abuse,ect.Please understand,this is not just any webring,I do ask for some involvement. If you only want to say you are a member, yet never get involved in signing guestbooks to benifit KIA, this is not the webring for you. I have worked very hard on KIA,but I can't do it alone, I need help. Just a few more points,and then we get to the good part :). Please understand if a webring doesn't have rules, it doesn't have values,and thats why I have set up some rules.****Under No Conditions can you alter Kindness in Actions Graphics-we work as a group,the only graphics we use are cleared first through myself,and graphics can't be personalized. Unfortunatley this has been a problem, I really wish to avoid.*******
1)We do not accept sites that sell diets or medicine, as long as they are not sales sites, I will accept them.
2)You are not a member until you receieve an acceptance letter from Ring
3) "NO" adult content (i.e. pornography, or links to it, nudity (includes what some call "adult art"), foul language, hate literature, etc.) This is a " child safe webring" and nothing of the above likes will be tolerated at all. Your site must be a "child safe site" meaning a parent should not have any qualms if their children visit your site. **No Dating links on page please, this is not child safe.You need to be atleast 18 years old.
4) You must link the graphic for the webring TO YOUR OWN SERVER! Any linked to my server will be removed.
5) You cannot alter the code in any way. If so you will be removed from the ring. Part of a rings success is given to the recognizable ring box.
6) I have the right to remove your site from the queue/webring without any explanation
7) You must have your html on your site in 3 days. When it is up on your site, email me and let me know. :)
8)The majority of your site should be personal,not commercial.
9)After submitting your site,return to this page and upload webring graphic, to YOUR SERVER, PLEASE :).*Please note if your using an AOL addy,it may tear apart webring code,so please just write me, and I will post code for you on a diffrent page, everyone else will get the code in your e-mail-very quickly!!
10)***Please place exact page you will be posting webring fragment on as your site url.

*Please come back here after submitting your site!!!

You can also contact Donna,in refrence to html webring fragment,or other help you need.Donna is online more during daytime hours.Just click on the rose.


Any problems,or to notify me that the webring fragment is in place ,please click on my rainbow e-mail,I am online more in the evening hours.But please remember you must notify me when webring fragment is posted-you have 3 days.


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AOL users please just e-mail me, and I will find a way to get you the code! To finish adding your site to the Kindness in Action Web Ring follow the simple steps below:
1. Copy and paste the code you receive via your e-mail addy, you will get this right after submitting form!Code is completley customized for you.
2. Save the Kindness in Action Web Ring image to your hard drive and call it kialogo1.jpg
3. As soon as the currect code is verified on your page, you will be added to the ring.
5.***Please save the e-mail you get from Ring surf with your code and editing page link-very important!

This is how it will look . Any problems, I will be glad to help, just e-mail me :). Special thanks to Angel9oh7, for this webring graphic, her button page link is on my first page.

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You can also contact Donna,she is on line more during the day,but please remember you must contact me to let me know your webring fragment is posted.Just click on the rose.


Any problems,or to notify me that the webring fragment is in place ,please click on my rainbow e-mail.I am usually on line more in the evenings-EST,if you need help.