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The Martial Artist's Way
Achieve Your Peak Performance
by Sifu Glen Doyle
foreword by Elvis Stojko

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Written by a three-time Canadian kung fu champion, The Martial Artist’s Way offers guidance and encouragement to all those seeking to learn skills in the martial arts and provides insight on how to apply martial arts philosophies to all aspects of life. Doyle sets out the fundamentals of the martials arts -- from psychological factors to training techniques to choosing the most appropriate school. The Martial Artist’s Way enthusiastically demonstrates the powerful interaction between mind and body in the martial arts, and helps readers to achieve the most in their martial arts training and to take the lessons learned into the arena of life.

Sifu Glen Doyle is the longtime kung fu instructor of Olympic figure skating champion Elvis Stojko, as well as a three-time Canadian kung fu champion. Possessing a unique ability to motivate himself and inspire others, he has succeeded in captivating audiences as both a martial arts competitor and a teacher.

Chapters include: Choosing a Style, Choosing a School, Making Your Style Yours, Psychological Make-up, The Street, The Killer Instinct, Training, Competition, Tradition, and Cross-Training. Forewards by Elvis Stojko and Bruce Burton.



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Reader's Comments

The strength of Glen's book lies in its attractibility to everyone. A new student would find helpful hints to lead them to a successful journey in the martial arts. A person studying for a few years would pick up interesting training philosophies which could only better their overall performance. An instructor can look at an entire teaching principle in a different light and be able to catapult students to greater heights. "The Martial Artist's Way is a must for every martial arts library...beneficial for any person who wants to have self improvement, both spiritually and physically."
-- Cynthia Rothrock

"Doyle describes the way, or path, of martial arts study and the common issues faced by all martial artists during that journey."
-- James Hom (

"A simple way of explaining the intricate arts. This book is written for everyone."
-- L. Burke, Ontario

"With clear examples and accessible language, Sifu Doyle elucidates the power and dissipates the myths of the inner world of martial arts… encourages the reader to look into themselves for answers…"
-- L. Gabbe, New York

"A must have for every Martial Artist of any style. Glen tells you to listen to the voice in your head, to find the courage to change your mind if a style isn't working for you."
-- A reader from Louisville, KY

"A refreshing look at the martial arts. Glen Doyle's engaging personality brightens up every page and keeps the book lively. He is obviously someone who lives the talk and walks the walk. Almost every page has quotes that will linger in my mind and which I can apply to my every day life."
-- A reader from Michigan

"Sifu Doyle trancends the traditional martial art style barriers. Sifu Doyle takes an in depth look at you, the martial artist and pushes you to examine the things that make you tick."
-- Sensei John Hickman, New York

"Sifu Doyle teaches from the heart.'s his devotion to taking what is right for the individual and making a style one's own that stand out."
-- A reader from Woodbridge, VA

"The ideas and philosophies can be applied to any aspect of your life - not just a martial arts practice. The author obviously loves his subject and that reflects through to you the reader."
-- A reader from Jersey city

"His theories are rock solid. This book will get you involved whether you're a beginner or an advanced student. It's a book for everybody. All aspects of martial arts are covered. And the book helps you understand yourself."
-- Elvis Stojko


Note From
the Author

Glen Doyle

Hopefully there's something for everyone. This book is very special to me. It not only projects my thoughts and opinions about the martial arts, but allows me the honour of coming into your homes, lives, and minds. It is because of this that the book itself should not be looked upon as law.

The chapters are just reflections of my experiences within the martial arts realm. I hope that I can touch something in everyone -- from the novice who is on the way to their very first class -- the intermediate, who is finally feeling proficient in a style and is hungry to better themselves -- to the advanced practitioner, or instructor who may be open-minded enough to try and discover new ways of looking at an ancient art.

Should only one sentence lead you in a positive direction, or the entire book itself... I'd just like to say, thank you... thank you for the opportunity to be part of your life, and your martial arts voyage.

Ever forward... or as my father would say:

"When it's too tough for everyone else... it's just right for me." (Greg Doyle 1934-1998)

Good luck and enjoy.

Glen Doyle


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