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Jing Mo Kung Fu Club


Sifu Lore

It's like a family up here. We don't come in and bow like in a lot of other schools. We do kung fu together and then we eat together. Yeah - it's like a family here.

~~ Sifu Lore ~~


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Interview with Sifu Lore


Learn about the Lion Dance

Sifu James Lore is the head of the Jing Mo Kung Fu Club in Toronto, Ontario.

The Jing Mo Kung Fu club teaches the Hung Gar style of Kung fu.

The Jing Mo club was started in the 1960s when the government gave a grant for the Chinese community. Sifu Lore was one of the first Canadian martial arts teachers to teach Kung fu to non-chinese students.

Sifu James Lore, 84, began learning Kung fu from his uncle when he was eight years old. He moved to Toronto from Victoria, British Columbia, in his late teens. He began teaching kung fu in the late 1940s.

Glen Doyle is also an instructor at Jing Mo.

Sifu Lore and Sifu Doyle

© Photo by Donna George


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