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Gregory Doyle
Gregory Doyle
(1934 - 1998)



Glen's Father


Veteran, Boxer,
1955 Daily News Marathon Winner,
Uisce Beatha Bata Rince Expert.
(Irish Stick Fighting)

Greg Doyle's


Glen on his father

"When it's too tough for everyone else... it's just right for me."

"You don't have to do anything in life except die. Everything else is by choice."

"Winning or losing a fight is inevitable; the bottom line is, that you did fight."

"Believe NOTHING that you hear... and only HALF of what you see."

"Don't waste your energy trying to win people over or to change their attitudes about you... rather let them waste their energy disliking you..."

"If someone is hiding in your house... playing games and snickering through the walls... you don't waste time and effort looking for them... you just burn the house down... right to the last brick."

"If you run from him today, you're going to run from him tomorrow and you're going to run from him the rest of your life."

"Never snicker at another man's training regimen, unless you've trained in their shoes, and can kick the bejesus outta them afterwards."

"People who need convincing will never be there when they're needed most."

"Never respect anyone who doesn't respect you."

"Image consists of two things, the form that looks back at you from the mirror, and the little voice inside your mind that governs your actions and reactions to life's trials and tribulations."

"Though it may seem selfish, and it takes more strength than you might believe, be good to yourself above any and all things. Because after the competition is over, the trophy is won, and the parade has stopped marching, all you have left is yourself… and that's the person that you must live with - today and tomorrow."


"He was a Korean War Veteran. He boxed for the Canadian Army after the war, he also ran marathons... when he was discharged he became an Iron Worker."

"The boxing principles [that Dad taught me] really molded me. They really gave me a good sense of who I was and right and wrong, good, and bad where I want to go, where I don't want to go. I knew that at a very young age."

"My most thrilling moment... When I walked off the plane from Vancouver and saw the look in both my Dad's and Sifu's eyes... the pride they felt when I handed them the trophies."

"My father gave me my fighting spirit, and my sifu gave me my fighting style."

"Whoever buys my book gets to learn a little bit about my dad. So that's like a bonus, right? I'm published, I got to honor my dad, people can learn a little bit about him, a little bit about me."

"I'm my father's son."

" father always taught me that you can't be loved by everyone, (then he used to chuckle and say... but feared by everyone is easy)."

"My father was the greatest influence. His humour, and outlooks on life gave both myself and my writing character. Without his guidance and influence, I would have never written a book."

"He was my hero, and he always will be. He was an amazing man. He taught me about everything, and the person that I am, is the person he made me."

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