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The accent of one's birthplace remains in the mind and in the heart as in one's speech.
~~ François La Rochefoucauld ~~


Avondale, Newfoundland



Avondale, a town in the southern part of Conception Bay, is a quiet community in which a person can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Population 951


Middle Arm, Avondale, Newfoundland



Historic Railroad Station
Avondale, Newfoundland


Assumption "Disappearing" Church
Avondale, Newfoundland


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  "I consider myself an Irish Newfie." 
~~ Glen Doyle ~~


"I'm from Newfoundland. I live in Toronto, I was educated in Toronto but this [NFLD] is where I was spit out into the world."

"I always relate as much as I can to being born in Newfoundland."

"I was born on THE ROCK
(Newfoundland, not the Wrestler)..."


"I kept very close to my Newfie/Irish roots. Because of this, I find my writing very honest, straight-forward, and from the heart -- pretty much the traits of a lot of Newfoundlanders."

"My Dad is from Avondale..."

"I want Newfoundland to be an internationally-known place."


"If you ever want to go to Ireland and not leave Canada, you go to Newfoundland."


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