Chapter Three

RT and BSB
Chapter Three

Julie was the first to wake up. She looked at the clock and groaned.

"It's way to early!" Julie said to herself.

"Girl wake your butt up." Alex said as she got out of bed and put on their heater. They all got up and took showers.


"Nick dude wake up!" Howie said.

"Just five more minutes Mom." Nick said hitting Howie. Howie smiled and looked at AJ. He sat next to Nick started to pet Nick's head and sang.

"Hush now my baby, be still love don't cry, sleep as you're rocked by the stream..." Nick's eyes opened up and he slapped Howie's head and got up.

"Good morning. Sleeping beauty." Howie said to Kevin.

"Howie you keep it up I will make you be saying Good Morning Sleeping Beauty really high." Kevin said rubbing his eyes.

"Too late he already can!" Brian said in a Donald duck voice.

"You guys are seriously whacked!" AJ said and jumped over his bed but fell.

"Dude AJ you all right man?"

AJ fell on the ground in a splits position.

"Yeah I'm all right!" AJ said in a high voice. The guys started to crack up.


The girls ate breakfast and then got ready to go to rehearsal.

"Good morning girls." The guys said.

"Good morning." The girls said and got to work.

"No, that part we're harmonizing. Remember? We changed it last time?" Julie asked Alex.

"Oh! Yeah I remember now." Alex said. Julie counted off and then they sang it again.

"Yeah!" The girls said giving eachother high fives.

"All right girls it's time for dance rehearsal." Missy said.

"Dance Rehearsal?" The girls all asked in unison.

"Yeah, apparently you gals are going to do a lovely little number to kick off their concert every single night!" Missy said with a big grin on her face.

"Yessss!" The girls said and walked out of the recording room.


The girls got into warm up pants, tee-shirts, and their dance shoes and brought some water.

"Oh my gosh there is Fatima." Alex said.

"Hello ladies!" Fatima said.

"Hi." The girls said blushing and shaking her hand.

"I think your work is great!" Eloise said to Fatima.

"Oh Thank You." Fatima said.

"Well, we're going to teach you wonderful young men and fabulous young woman how to dance to "Don't Want You Back" We usually start off with Larger Than Life or Everybody but we're starting off with this song." Fatima started off.


"Okay good job guys!" Fatima said.

"I want to change something..." Fatima added. The girls were hot, had red faces, out of breathe but still went on. They had their hands on their hips and listened.

"Girls...On the second verse I want you to walk up to the guys wrap your right leg around their waste, and you guys are going to of course hold their leg so they don't fall back." Fatima said.

"And just lean back." Fatima said as she demonstrated.

"Got it?" Fatima asked.

"Got it!" The guys and girl said.

The girls walked up to their partners and Alex said,

"There sure is gonna be some freaky RT and BSB business going on!"

Everyone laughed.

"Hopefully BSB fans won't send us hate mail or anti RT websites." Eloise said.

The girls did the new section and then were told to leave for the day.

"Good job girls." Fatima said.

"Thanks." The girls said.

"You girls were great!" The guys said patting their backs.

"Thanks." The girls said blushing.

"Hey Alex! Here's your watch!" Nick said and ran back to give it to her.

"Oh Thanks Nick." Alex said.

"See you girls tomorrow." Nick said and left.

"Bye!" The girls said and walked away.


*Ring Ring*

"Y'all shut up!" Julie said as she went for the phone.

"Hello?" Julie asked answering the phone.

"Is Eloise, Julie, and Alex there?" Someone asked.

"Yes, they are..." Julie said.

There was a pause for a few moments.

"Um...Which one do you want to talk to?" Julie asked.

"Oh! Well, whoever..." He replied.

"Well, this is Julie..." Julie said.

"Hi this is AJ."

"Hello AJ how can I help you?" Julie asked.

"Well, how 'bout a can of whip..."

"Shhh! Forget I even asked." Julie said grossed out.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself." AJ said.

"I know...It's only AJ McLean we're talking about!" Julie said.

"Who is it?" Alex asked.

"AJ." Julie answered.

"Oh AJ!" Alex said and started to make really funny noises.

"What was that?" AJ asked.

"Uh Bird?" Julie answered really quick.

"They let you bring in pets?" AJ asked giving her the third degree.

"New policy!" Julie answered again.

"Um...Look at the time...Gee I gotta go piddle do you mind talking to Alex? Yeah? Okay buh bye AJ. ALEX!" Julie yelled and gave her the phone.

"Good bye Julie..." AJ said.

"Hi!" Alex said.

"Hi..." AJ replied.

"I just wanted to ask if you guys had an extra blanket? Howie kinda ya know..." AJ said.

"OMG Howie piddled on the blanket?" Alex asked trying not to laugh.

"No! Or Yes! What the hell is piddle? Anyway he and Nick were fighting and Nick punched him and he started to bleed everywhere..." AJ explained.

"Oh, yeah we have a blanket you guys can use but, you know the hotel does carry extra ones..." Alex said.

"Shut up woman! Whatever gets them or him over here!" Eloise said hitting her arm.

"Yeah. come on over." Alex said.

"Okay, we'll be over there in a bit bye." AJ said and hung up.

"We'll?" Alex asked looking at the phone.

"OMG! The BSB are coming over. Hurry put away everything fix the covers!" Alex said.


Five Minutes Later

*Knock Knock*

Eloise was trying to yank a cover that was under Alex's foot. When Eloise's yanked really hard Alex fell right as Julie had finished opening the door.

"Wo!!!!!!" Alex yelled with a loud thud.

"Oh Gosh this is getting better and better!" Julie said under her breath and hit her head with her hand.

Eloise looked at the guys threw the blanket down, put her hands behind her back, and smiled.

"Hi..." AJ said as the guys came in after him.

"You need help?" AJ asked as he helped Alex up.