Chapter One

Julie was getting to know Jeff real well, And they started to become friends. Julie would tell Amanda everything about him.

"So has he broken up with Breana yet?" Amanda asked.

"No, he hasnt. Mandy, will you quit talking about him." She said walking in the hall.

"Fine Fine." she said.

10th grade Mandy was practiclly over Jeff cause she started to like another guy named Erick. Yet once again Jeff was in Julie's class again.

"Hey Julie" Toni said

"Hey girl whats up?" Julie asked.

She had known Toni for quite a while now. In fact they used to be best friends in middle school.

"Nothing much. Look were in the same class together, were going to be making some noise" Toni said.

"And you know this!" Julie said

They both started to laugh.

"Hey Jeff come sit over here" Julie said

"Ok." He said.

Later in Class "Jeff stop!" Julie said while Jeff kept poking her stomach.

"No." He said. Julie then hit him with her hip and he went flying.

"That's it girl" He said walking towards her.

"Ahhhh stop!" Julie screamed while Jeff was tickling her

"Would you guys stop flirting!" Toni said bored of watching them two flirt.

"Yeah, come on guys." Mr.G said,

"Thank you Mr.G" Dale said

"Shut up Dale before I knock you in the A**!" Jeff said

"Hey none of that kind of languge or else your getting put on the board!" Mr. G said.

"Yeah Stupid!" Toni said.

Mr. G got a pen and put Toni's name on the board.

"Hey Hey Now what are you doing?" Toni asked.

"You just said a put down" He said.

"I said stupid, That's not a put down." Toni thought for a minute "Ok, it is but I dont deserve to be on there!" Toni said

"yeah yeah Toni." Mr. G said

"Tell him Julie" Toni told Julie.

"umm umm yeah...She doesn't deserve to be on there!" She said

"Oh great help you are!" Toni said hitting her on the head

"Hey don't be hitting me!" Julie said as they both laughed

Chapter Three *not up yet*
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