Julie "Jules" Martin-She is a frreshmen at Belsey High.

Jeff Silverman-He is also a freshman at Belsey High. He is really hott, nice body, slick hair, and has the prettiest eyes ever, the only problem is, is that he always seems to have a girlfriend like now. Her name is Breana.

Amanda "Mandy" Hill-She is Julie's best friend and she is in love with Jeff. She is also a freshman at Belsey high.

The Beginging Of Freshman year
"Oh. Hi Julie" Jeff said waving to Julie in the hall.

"Hey." She said.

"OMG! he looked at me!" Amanda said.

"Whatever!" Julie thought in her head.

The bell rung so Julie and Mandy said bye to eachother and went to there sepeart classes.


"Oh. Hi Jeff" Julie said sitting right next to him.

"Hi Julie. That's werid were in the same class." he said.

"Why is that werid?" She asked.

"Uh...I dont know." he said laughing.

The teacher started talking so both of them plus the rest of the class shut up.

Amanda sat in her room thinking about Jeff the whole time. The only problem was that she liked Jeff but really didnt even know him. She just liked him for looks and nothing else.

At lunch
"Hey guess what?" Julie asked Mandy. "What?" Mandy replied.

"Well, Jeff is in one of my classes." Julie said.

"Really? I wish he was in my class." She said.

Chapter One
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