Chapter Two

Nick knocked on the door and Sandra opened it very quickly.

"Come on in Nick." Sandra said. Nick walked in and Sandra closed the door very quietly.

"Nice pad." Nick said looking at Sandra's Victorian Style room.

"Thank You..." Sandra said.

"So, can I see your work?" Nick asked.

"My art work?" Sandra asked.

"Well, yeah..." Nick replied.

"Sorry, I'm working on a lot of things at the moment. Let me get you my scrapbook." Sandra said getting up and going into her walk in closet and came out with a big book. She set it on her bed where Nick was and Nick opened up the book.

"These are nice!" Nick said as he turned each page.

"Is that you?" Nick asked. Sandra saw a black and white charcoal sketch and Sandra smiled.

"I wish. It's my Mommy." Sandra said.

"Your mommy?" Nick asked with a little laugh.

"Yes! What's the big deal? I call my Mom mommy!" Sandra said with a smile.

"You look just like her. She's very beautiful." Nick said.

"Thank You." Sandra answered as she looked at a candle pillar.

"Why do you seem so down?" Nick asked.

"Well, you seem to be bothered more. Do you want me to go?" Nick asked.

"No not at all! It's just that well, my boyfriend. EX! We broke up on the anniversary of my mother's death. That's all." Sandra said and smiled very big.

"You have a cute smile." Nick said after a while.

"Well, you've seen all of my art work!" Sandra said as she put back the scrapbook.

"You write as well?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I write short stories..." Sandra answered.

"Can I read some?" Nick asked.


"Crap. it's Liz." Nick said.

"Can I use your phone?" Nick asked.

"Yeah!" Sandra answered giving him her cordless phone.

"Thanks." Nick said.


"Look I better go. It's kinda messed up that I left the girl who brought me here..." Nick said looking at Sandra.

"Yeah, I understand." Sandra answered.

"Would you like to come to one of our rehearsals?" Nick asked.

"Sure!" Sandra answered as she put on her reading glasses.

"Great, I'll pick you and Liz up at 11 in the morning?" Nick asked.

"Yeah." Sandra answered as her heart sunk.

'Stupid Liz!' Sandra though.

"Goodnight." Nick said.

"Night Nick." Sandra said and closed the door.


"Where were you?" Liz asked hugging him.

"Sandra was crying and you had fallen asleep so I went up and talked with her." Nick said.

"She really has to get over this guy..." Liz said.

"They broke up on the anniversary of her Mother's death...Have some compassion." Nick said.

"I didn't know that...." Liz said.

"You do now..." Nick said.

"Look, I have to go. I invited Sandra and you to come to our rehearsal tomorrow morning." Nick said.

"I have to go to work..." Liz said.

"Oh, well. I guess you'll go another day. I'll see you tomorrow morning when I pick up Sandra." Nick said giving her a kiss on the cheek and left.


"Just what the hell do you think you were doing with my man?" Liz asked the next morning.

"What are you talking about? And besides he isn't your man! He isn't intitled to you!" Sandra said as she got dressed.

"You're wearing my shirt..." Liz said. Sandra took it off and threw it on her bed.

"Fine, I'll get another one if you're so touchy about it." Sandra said.

"You have a lot of attitude!" Liz said.

"ME!?!?" Sandra asked.

"Yes, you!" Liz replied.

"Well, maybe I've just had enough of your big mouth! Really, if you can't support me at this time of my life, then why are you even my friend?" Sandra asked.

"I am your friend." Liz said.

"No, you are not! You know why?" Sandra asked.

"Why?" Liz asked.

"Cause you are nothing but a stupid..." Sandra started to say.

*Ding dong*

"That's Nick. I'll talk to you later." Sandra said as she left the house.

"You look nice." Nick said.

"Thanks." Sandra said upset.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked.

"I need to find another place to stay." Sandra said as they got into the house.

"Oh...You want to talk about it now or later?" Nick asked.

"How about later. I don't want to get you in a weird mood right before rehearsal." Sandra said with a nice smile.

"Okay." Nick said.


"Hey guys, This is my good friend Sandra." Nick introduced Sandra to the rest of the Backstreet boys.

"Hello guys." Sandra said and gave them all a big smile.

"You have a nice smile." Howie said as he winked.

"Doesn't she?" Nick asked.

"C'mon guys. We have a lot of work to do." The recording manager said.

"Just sit down in that little room and you'll be able to see us." Nick said as he gently pushed her into the room.


"Nick, that girl Sandra...She's hot!" Brian said.

"Yeah she's very pretty and really smart. She draws!" Nick said with big eyes.

"Just your kind of girl Frack!" Brian said.

"No, I like her friend Liz. Although she seems really mean towards Sandra...I don't understand her. She's a really good person when it's just the two of us..." Nick said.

"Do you mind if I go out with her? Just like on a date?" Brian asked.

"I don't mind but then I do. She just got over a really long bad relationship. She's not ready for another one." Nick said.

"Oh. Well, she'll love me! Who doesn't love me?" Brian asked with a goofy face.

"Me!" Kevin said as he changed into their next wardrobe for their photoshoot.


During their breaks Brian would make Sandra laugh and laugh. Nick would just watch them and smile at Sandra when she looked at him.

"Call me!" Sandra said as Nick got ready to leave.

"Sure will!" Brian said.

"See you later guys!" Sandra said.

"Bye!" The guys said.


"Brian is sooo cute and so funny!" Sandra said as Nick and her drove to her house.

"Yeah he is." Nick answered beginning to get a little upset.

"Nick what's the matter?" Sandra asked.

Nick thought for a split second.

"I wanted to know why you wanted to move out." Nick answered.

"Oh, I just don't think Liz and I are good friends anymore. She makes me feel like this big!" Sandra said with her index finger and thumb come together.

"I'm sorry. I noticed that too. I was just tripping on how she's a really good and funny person with me. But, around you she is a..." Nick started to say.

"I got in a fight with her before you came over." Sandra said.

"What did you say?" Nick asked.

"We were fighting...She got mad at me cause you were in my room. Then she said I was wearing her shirt. Like in a tone that said 'I don't want you to wear it.' Then I said we weren't really friends anymore. Well, she wasn't a true friend and she said "yes I am" and I said "no." and she asked "why?" so I said, "cause you are nothing but a stupid...b-i-t-c-h..." Sandra said.

"You almost said it?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I really gotta get out of that house!" Sandra said.

"Well, I have tomorrow out. I'll help you find a new house if you'd like..." Nick said.

"Would you?" Sandra asked.

"Sure!" Nick said.

"Oh Nick! You are such a great friend!" Sandra said and hugged him.

"I better go. Thank you for inviting me today. I had fun!" Sandra said.

"You didn't even think about your ex!" Nick said as he ran his hands around the steering wheel.

"My what? Oh yeah that!" Sandra said laughing.

"Thank You very much for today. It meant a lot to me. You wanna come in Liz is home." Sandra said.

"Yeah!" Nick said putting the car in park.

They walked in and Liz went straight to Nick and rolled her eyes at Sandra. Sandra looked at Nick and he had an annoyed look on his face.

"goodnight." Sandra said.

"Goodnight Sandy." Nick said.

"Night Nickerz." Sandra said letting her hair fall down.

"Yeah whatever." Liz said and kissed Nick. Sandra felt like she had been punched in the stomach. She looked away and walked up her stairs.