Chapter Four

Hope waited an hour and a half for the bell to ring so she could go home and get away from everyone's whispers and giggles.

*ring ring*

Hope jumped out of her seat and bolted towards the door.

She walked to her locker and waited for Brad for a few moments and saw him with Brenda. She rolled her eyes and then smiled as Brad walked up to her.

"You ready?" Brad asked.

"Yup!" Hope answered.

"Lets go." Brad said and put his hand on her shoulder.

Hope got in the back-seat and listened as Brenda and Brad argued.

Brad dropped off Brenda first and didn't even say good-bye. Hope got up to the front and Brad drove off. He was a little upset and after a few moments of silence that seemed like a lifetime. Hope couldn't take it anymore.

"Are, Are you okay?" Hope asked.

"I just don't know if I should still go out with her or just dump her!" Brad said. Hope looked at Brad and studied his jaw line.

"Brad, I'm sure that Brenda is a nice girl. It's not a great feeling having the guy you love hang out with another girl. I mean she shouldn't feel threaten cause she is 100 times prettier then I am but still it's never a great feeling." Hope said softly.

"You know. I have been thinking about that. But, Brenda's attitude makes her so ugly! I can't stand the fact that all she cares about is, cheer, the prom, and her stupid looks! I mean the last time she really cared was when I broke my arm last year. The only reason why she did it is cause she was getting more attention now that she was nursing the teams top football player back to health! She did it all for the attention!" Brad said getting angry.

"Do you want to cancel today's lesson? You should go for a walk." Hope said.

"Would you mind?" Brad asked.

"No, not at all!" Hope said.

"Okay, Will you come with me?" Brad asked slowly.

"Excuse me?" Hope asked.

"You make me feel really good about myself when you're around. You're real and I like hanging out with real people." Brad said.

"I'd love to." Hope said.


Brad chose to walk to the beach. They brought Romeo and Juliet with them so they could get something done.

"I've never been in love to the point that I would kill myself for my girlfriend! And I don't think Brenda and I love eachother that much!" Brad said as they sat facing eachother with blankets over them.

"How do you know it's true love?" Hope asked.

"Well,..." Brad said.

After a few moments Brad looked up at Hope.

"I don't love her." Brad answered surprised.

"I guess I was so caught up in my own little world and wanting it to be true love that I didn't even notice that I don't love her! Because I wanted it so much!" Brad said.

"Do you even know what people say about Brenda, Brad?" Hope asked.

"Do I want to know?" Brad asked as he looked out into the ocean. The wind blew his dirty blond hair around his face. His piercing blue eyes showed that he was hurting inside.

"I'm sorry..." Hope said ashamed.

"For what?" Brad asked as he fixed his eyes on her.

"Here I am trying to be a friend and all I can do is rag on Brenda!" Hope answered.

"I'm lost..." Brad said.

"Brenda has been like my bully through out high school...I mean she has done everything from teasing me to putting frogs in my locker...I am just venting out and I wasn't thinking about your feelings and the last thing I want to do is hurt you..." Hope said.

"It's no big deal." Brad said.

"Yeah, it is...I've always been jealous of Brenda from her hair to her fake but attractive smile that make boys drool and fall on their faces! I've never been the 'popular pretty' girl. I've always been the nerdy girl." Hope said.

"Don't change the way you are! You are perfect! You are what woman should be in life! You're smart, funny, pretty! You are what a guy truly needs in life."

"Come on." Brad said picking her up by the waste and lead her to the car.

"Where are we going?" Hope asked.

"I want to take you to my favorite spot." Brad answered.


"Brad, this is such a beautiful house!" Hope said as she looked around the old victorian house.

"I come here when I really need to think!" Brad said.

"Thank You!" Hope said and hugged Brad.

"For what?" Brad asked.

"For sharing something very personal." Hope answered.

"No big deal. I just felt that you would have a place to really think." Brad said after a moment of silence.

"Yes, I do as a matter of fact." Hope said.


After Brad dropped off Hope. Hope went to the store and got things to give herself a major makeover. She borrowed her mother's credit card and bought a few outfits.