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Great Links

Especially For Librarians

Book Reviews from Sonrise Christian School
IPL: Especially for Librarians
Librarians' Information Online Network
Free Internet Filtering Software
Mega Reference Links
Infomine Website--If it isn't here, it doesn't exist!
LibrarySpot--If it isn't here, it REALLY doesn't exist! yet another wonderful reference website!
MLA Documentation
MLA Documentation for Electronic Sources (This is their main page; once there, click on "MLA Style" and then click on "Frequently Asked Questions" in the first paragraph).
Mega Christian Website including a Search Engine and articles about Internet safety for children

Especially for Teachers

Bible Study Tools/Devotionals
Bible Study Tools and Devotions
Focus on the Family
Christianity Today Online
Cross Search (Christian Search Engine and Resource Directory)
Christian Research Institute
Daily Bread
Guide to Christian Resources

General Reference Websites
Reference Center
Infomine Website--If it isn't here, it doesn't exist!
LibrarySpot--If it isn't here, it REALLY doesn't exist!
From the TV Show "Biography"
Government Printing Office
Virtual Library
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

General Teachers' Websites
The Schoolhouse--Lesson Plans and Resources
Education World
Curriculum Ideas and Professional Development
Links to great educational sites
Curriculum Ideas from Teachers.Net
Jan Brett's Activity and Coloring Pages for lower elementary students--too cute!

Full-Text Books Online
Shakespeare's Complete Works
Text Collection: Poems, Articles from Books, etc...
Children's Literature
American & English Poetry

Magazines Online
Newsweek online
Focus on the Family Citizen Magazine
World Magazine

Cells Alive

Search Engines
Google Search Engine
Christian Search Engine

Especially For Students

Bible Study Tools
Cross Search Resource Directory
Greek Lexicon
Hebrew Lexicon
Strong's Concordance with Hebrew/Greek Lexicon
Focus on the Family
Christianity Online
Bible Studies
Christian Research Institute
Daily Bread
Guide to Christian Resources

Bios of U.S. Presidents
Bios of U.S. First Ladies
The American Presidency from Grolier (pictures and biographies of all presidents)
Henry Ford Biography

Schooltime Directory--Information about many different types of birds
Audubon Society--"Bird Bios"
Wildlife Fact Sheets, including birds
North American Birds: Patuxent Identification InfoCenter
Bird Facts on several species

Church History
Church History Biographies
Biographies of Theologians
Hall of Church History website
Billy Sunday
The Center for Barth Studies (Karl Barth)
Feminist Theology Debate
The Role of Women in the Church
Christian Creeds--Apostles' Creed, Athanasian Creed, Chalcedonian Creed, Nicene Creed
The Malleus Maleficarum Online and Searchable

College Information
Peterson's College Info
Colleges, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere
Constellations of the Southern Hemisphere
Bootes Constellation Information
The Constellations (click on the name of your constellation)
Draco Constellation Information
Draco the Dragon Constellation

Earth Science Report (PLANETS)
The Nine Planets
Welcome to the Planets
Exploring the Planets
Views of the Solar System
The Planets

Elizabethan England/English Renaissance/Shakespeare
Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge--an excellent place to start!
Elizabethan Era website--various topics relating to Elizabethan England
Elizabethan England--General Information
Elizabethan England in the time of Romeo & Juliet--lots of great links!
Renaissance--General Information
Elizabethan England website--topics include fashion, society, music, and food
Elizabethan England website--topics include history, everyday life, Shakespeare, musical instruments
Elizabethan England--Masters and Servants
The Elizabethan Period website--topics include sports, amusements, costumes, food, much more
Food in Elizabethan Times
Religion in Elizabethan England
Names in Elizabethan Times (first names)
Names in Elizabethan Times (LAST names)
Elizabethan Costumes
ElizabethanGeek website, Costumes, use the links on the left side of the page
Hairstyles in the Elizabethan Era
Elizabethan Music--Listen to Samples of Elizabethan Music (MIDI files)
Elizabethan Musical Instuments--Pictures and Information about Musical Instruments from the Elizabethan Era
Elizabethan Wedding Ceremony--the actual wording of an authentic wedding ceremony from that era
Shakespeare and the Globe: Then and Now (from Encyclopedia Britannica)
Shakespeare biography, "Shakespeare of Stratford"
Shakespeare biography and the Elizabethan Age
Shakespeare A to Z
Shakespeare Quotations

Ethics Class (Various Topics)
Alcohol Abuse: The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism website
Cloning/Stem Cell Research: From New Scientist magazine
Cloning/Stem Cell Research: Lots of info on various ethical issues associated with cloning and links to pro-and-con articles
Cloning/Stem Cell Research: Pros and Cons
Dating/Marriage: Love, Chastity, Purity
Death Penalty: Information with an anti-death penalty slant
Death Penalty: Information with a pro-death penalty slant
Drug Abuse: The National Institute on Drug Abuse website
Euthanasia: Pro-Euthanasia Website
Euthanasia: Cases for and against voluntary euthanasia
Prayer in Public Schools--Students have the right to pray
Prayer in Public Schools-Statistics showing what happened when prayer was banned in public schools
Prayer in Public Schools: Engel v. Vitale--The Supreme Court Case Decision against school prayer
Prayer in Public Schools: Examines what Engel v. Vitale really means and the ACLU's role in keeping prayer out of schools
Pro-Life: includes info and photos of aborted babies--graphic images
Pro-Life: Life news source for the pro-life community
Suicide: Does Old Age Make Suicide Ethical?
Teen Pregnancy Rates Decline--From the National Center for Health Statistics
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy website

CIA World Factbook 2001
FindLaw (provides links with country information)
Another World Atlas
American History
History Related Articles
The History Net
The Greek-Roman Period
Ancient Rome
Links to Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire, Islam, & African, Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, & Mayan History
Ancient Egypt
History of Plymouth

History--7th Grade Project
The Twelve Tables--Ancient History Sourcebook
The Twelve Tables--Roman Code of Law
The Twelve Bronze Tables--Roman Code of Law
Roman Code of Law, including punishments for breaking laws
Mosaic Law
Mosaic Law--info and great pictures
Magna Carta--actual wording
Magna Carta--historical information and actual wording
Hammurabi's Code of Laws
Hammurabi's Code of Laws, excerpts
Hammurabi's Code of Laws--entire translated text
Comparing Hammurabi's Code of Laws with Mosaic Laws
The Great Yasa of Genghis Khan, actual text (translated)
The Great Yasa of Genghis Khan--history and explanation of
The Great Yasa of Genghis Khan--history and text, in depth
Justinian Code, short overview
Justinian Code, excerpted from the Medieval Legal History Sourcebook
Justinian Code--"Corpus Iuris Civilis"
Justinian Code, extremely in depth
U.S. Constitution, word for word, with notes
U.S. Constitution, National Archives website, includes the Amendments and other articles about the Constitutional Convention and ratification process
U.S. Constitution: The Bill of Rights
U.S. Constitution & the Amendments, with notes

Life Science Report (All links include pictures, scientific and common names)
Classification Explanation--includes examples for a Bullfrog, Eastern Gray Squirrel, and a White Oak
Bacteria--Clostridium botulinum (botulism), includes Classification
Bacteria--Clostridium botulinum picture
Bacteria--Vibrio cholerae (Cholera)
Bacteria--Vibrio cholerae (picture)
Bacteria: Anthrax scientific classification
Bacteria: Anthrax picture
Bacteria: Anthrax pictures (many)
Bacteria: Bacillus cereus
Bacteria: Bacillus cereus picture
Blue-green Algae
More Blue-green Algae
Blue-green Algae (Anabaena spiroides)
Protista: Paramecium caudatum classification (scroll down--use the classifications in red)
Protista: Paramecium caudatum picture
Black Bread Mold
Black Bread Mold (Rhizopus nigricans)
Red Algae (Gelidium purpurascens)
Sac Fungi
Mushrooms (Fungi)
Mushrooms-- includes all classification information
Mushroom Atlas--includes all classification information--some have pictures
Red and Brown Algae
Slime Molds
More Slime Molds
Plants & Flowers
Corals & Anemones
Snail Leech (this is a LEECH not a snail)
Sharks and Rays
Toads and Frogs
North American Coyote--all info,including picture

Citation Machine--formats your Works Cited Page
Shakespeare's Complete Works
Hamlet and the theme of revenge (literary criticism)
Hamlet Summary, scene by scene
Hamlet Summary, including information about Shakespeare
Hamlet Essay--use as an example only
Shakespeare's Plays (literary criticism)
Shakespeare's (essays and literary criticism)
The Harvard Chaucer Page (essays and literary criticism)
Chaucer: His Life & Works (including critical essays)
American & English Poetry
E-books--Read Classics Online
Homework Online Literature Study Guides
To Kill a Mockingbird Student Survival Guide
The Glass Menagerie--Classic Notes
Lord of the Flies--Homework Online
The Great Gatsby--Homework Online
Johnny Tremain--SparkNotes:

Magazines Online
Newsweek online
World Magazine
LA Times
Orange County Register
Washington Post
Washington Times
The Times (London)
The Jerusalem Times
New York Times

Mathematicians' Biographies
Mathematicians' Biographies--click on the letter of the person's last name

Medieval History (General)
The Medieval Sourcebook
The WWW Virtual Library History Index--Medieval Europe
TimeRef-- Medieval People, Places, and Time Lines
The Labyrinth--Resources for Medieval Studies

Reference (General)
Guidelines for evaluating websites for content
"Best Information on the Web" from O'Keefe Library
Infomine Website--If it isn't here, it doesn't exist!
LibrarySpot--If it isn't here, it REALLY doesn't exist! wonderful reference website!
MLA Documentation
MLA Documentation for Electronic Sources (This is their main page; once there, click on "MLA Style"
and then click on "Frequently Asked Questions" in the first paragraph).

Beginners' Central--learn everything you need to know about the Internet and how to find information successfully

Science Topics (General)
Scientific American
Science Magazine
Science Daily Magazine
Popular Science Magazine
New Scientist Magazine
Science Projects Magazine

State Information
50 Website
State Facts, Symbols, Maps on the state you want information for
Internet Public Library Website--State Information
State Statistics and Economic Fact Sheets from the Economic Research Service Website
State Health Facts, Demographics, and State Government information from the State Health Facts Online Website
Demographic Information for all 50 states from the 1990 and the 2000 Census
State Facts and Maps
State Facts, including Geography, State Nicknames, Famous People