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Welcome to Young Daddies

Welcome to the Young Daddies web site. This site is for young fathers only. A place to talk about being a dad, and attachment parenting in general.

Right now there are several things you can do on this site. The links to everything appear on your left, the menu bar. Clicking any of the buttons will open a new window, so that you don't lose your place on this page.

NOTE: The forum is under construction and will be back up (new and improved) soon.

What I'm working on now:

  • Webring - just for young dads' homepages
  • Advice Column - your questions answered
  • New Forum - improved forum
  • Birth Stories - a section of birth stories
  • Articles - articles on various aspects of parenthood
  • Baby Names - a baby names section, just for fun

Help Wanted: If you have a little free time and you love to write, you can do an online newsletter, Q & A section, or editorial. I also want topic ideas, and you can send those to me by e-mail. If you're interested in this send an e-mail telling me so, and don't forget to tell me what exactly you're interested in doing.

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