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Welcome to the website for


tribute band in Sacramento, California

Hello - and thanks for visiting our site!
Parallels is a group of musicians who enjoy paying tribute to Yes
by playing their wonderful, timeless music.

A Parallels show features over two hours of Yes music,
as we strive to re-create the experience
of hearing that amazing band perform live.

And, occasionally, we play songs by other progressive rock legends such as:
Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Rush, Genesis, and Emerson, Lake, & Palmer.

P A R A L L E L S is:
John Teves: lead vocals
Tim Morse: keyboards
Jay Leek: bass
Jim Hefter: drums
______: guitar

Parallels is holding auditions for lead guitarist!

If you're interested in filling this challenging role,
please contact Tim Morse at
to schedule an audition.

--- Serious applicants only, PLEASE ! ---


After eight years of inspired, dedicated playing
Jason Reed has decided to move on to other projects.
He is a dear friend and a very talented musician.
We wish him well and we will miss him!
To send Jason your own best wishes, visit him at his MySpace page.


Thanks to all who came out for our recent performance
at the Jean Runyon Theater in the Memorial Auditorium!
It was a special night in a special venue,
where we saw many familar faces and made many new friends.
We really appreciate your support!

Thanks to The Jerry Jennings Bandfor opening the show.
Jerry's quintet plays an exciting blend of rock, jazz, blues, and fusion.
Check out this local guitar legend!

Thanks to Greg Williams, who has opened
several shows for us on solo acoustic guitar.
Greg specializes in "live looping," building many layers of harmony
and percussive sounds to create rich, textured soundscapes.
Check out his wonderful music for yourself!

Thanks to our friends in the Rush tribute, Trilogy
who invited us to join them on a double bill.
Their skill and talent at re-creating Rush is amazing
and we were thrilled to share a stage with them.

Thanks also to Brad Gent, who flew
from Vancouver, BC to sing with us on some shows in 2006.
Brad's voice bears a thrilling resemblance to Jon Anderson's.
You can see and hear Brad sing on YouTube.
We are truly grateful to our dear friend Brad!

And Parallels thanks renowned keyboardist David Sancious
for including us on a double bill in 2004!
David and his long-time percussionist, Ernest Carter,
performed works from throughout David's career
and were truly brilliant.


Incredible stories of true Yes fans:
Once again we salute our friend, John, who set the record
for distance traveled to a Parallels gig.
John has traveled 2000 miles -five times(!)- to see our shows
in Oakland, at the Brookdale Lodge, and Sacramento!

Special thanks also go to Genene, who arranged our Oakland show!

We'd also like to thank and recommend our friends at,
who've been very supportive by talking up our shows.
Thanks especially to Sheila!


Parallels video clips on YouTube!
Click below to see some excerpts of Parallels live:
Heart of the Sunrise
South Side of the Sky
The Gates of Delirium
Close to the Edge
Future Times/Rejoice

There are others there as well - thanks for the friendly posts!

Parallels has a MySpace page!
Jay is the talent behind the scenes for us there.
Check it out and leave a message!


We'd like to recommend our former singer, Derek Keller.
We invite you to visit Derek's website and discover his many talents.
A long-time Yes fan, Derek is an accomplished musician
and composer in his own right.
He is also very active as an instructor (Ph.D.!), a promoter,
and a performer in the Sacramento area.
Check out his website at

Check out an amazing CD by our keyboardist, Tim Morse!
Transformation is a bold musical statement
influenced by the powerful classics of progressive rock.

Thanks to all who came out to the Transformation Release Party at
on Wednesday, April 20th, 2005.
Please contact Tim at
to purchase a copy of Transformation!

Also, congratulations to Jason, whose other gig
with local rap artist, Crazy Ballhead, won a SAMMIE
(a Sacramento music scene award) for Outstanding Rap/Hip-Hop Artist.
Visit Jason at his MySpace page.


Here is our entire song list:
Opening (Excerpt from Firebird Suite)
And You And I
Close to the Edge
Excerpts from The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Future Times/Rejoice
The Gates of Delirium
Heart of the Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Siberian Khatru
South Side of the Sky
Starship Trooper
Your Move/All Good People
Yours Is No Disgrace

Dance On A Volcano

Song for America
Point of Know Return

King Crimson
21st Century Schizoid Man


Led Zeppelin

From the Beginning

This website was updated on January 13th, 2009.
For more information, please contact Tim Morse at:
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