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The Band

NOFX is a punk band that started out in Los Angeles, California around 1983. NOFX basically stands for "No Effects," but many think it's meaning is "No Fuckin' Straight Edge." That's about it. Since then, they've released ten albums (6 on Epitaph Records, 2 on Fat Wreck Chords, 1 on Mystic, and 1 on Gema Records). Besides their full-length albums, there are copies of rare demo tapes floating around, various sized vinyl LPs, as well as a video entitled "Ten Years Of Fucking Up" which chronologically shows the life of a band on the road to nowhere. Although it may seem hard to get anywhere in the music business without a major label, NOFX's success is astoundingly high. Fat Mike's efforts over the years against MTV and commercial radio stations playing their songs and videos has actually increased the band's popularity. But, in contrast, their videos can be seen on Much Music and MTV South America.To many bands, having a video displayed on MTV means success. In the case of NOFX, sucess plays no role. They believe that MTV sells bands and not their music, and they don't want to be bought and sold. The only forms of advertisement NOFX has used over the past 15 years is the scheduling of live shows, compilation CD's, clothing items, stickers, posters, etc. NOFX has truly proved that you can make it big by thinking small. Each member of the group still maintains a residence in California; where they began as a group. Fat Mike (Mike Burkett) lives in San Francisco, both Erik Ghint (Erik Sandin) and Eric Melvin live in Los Angeles, and El Hefe (Aaron Abeyta) lives in Eureka. The band members are involved in many side projects. Eric Melvin has a punk rock karaoke band and is a member of B.U.G.S. He also owns a coffee shop called Spud Melvins in Los Angeles (8205 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, 213-653-6118). El Hefe runs a night club called Hefe's in Eureka, California. Fat Mike plays bass in Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and owns Fat Wreck Chords.