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Veritas Academy
5394 Garrison Circle
San Jose, CA 95123
A new elementary school offering: Veritas Academy will open in Santa Clara, California, next fall (Sept. 2000) with grades K-4 and plans to expand up one grade level per year until a full elementary school, K-8 is operational. Combined classrooms of 1-2 and 3-4 are planned for the first year. We are currently accepting applications for admission.

We are currently soliciting resumes from teachers interested in working in a "start-up" elementary school. Please read through our website carefully, and send email to the address below for further instructions for submitting your resume.

We are also actively seeking volunteers-- starting a school is a major undertaking! We particularly need people who could lend us their professional expertise in such areas as marketing, law, human resources, web-page upkeep, fundraising and bookkeeping.

Finally, we need donations. Monetary contributions of any size, large or small, will be gratefully accepted! We are also accepting used classroom supplies, books and computers that are in good, usable condition and that are not obsolete. Please contact us via email for instructions on how to donate.

Attention please: Unfortunately the school will not be opening this September as planned, since we have been unable to find a suitable building. We may try again for the 2001-2002 school year, but only if we have built up a sizable base of volunteers. If you would be interested in seeing a school like Veritas Acadmy open in Silicon Valley, and would be willing to help out, please email us using the link below. Thank you.

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