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Hundley Family


Hundley Letters At Bottom of Page

                    Descendants of Phillip Hundley

                    Generation No. 1

                    1.  Phillip1 Hundley.
                     Child of Phillip Hundley is:
                     +2 i.	Phillip Hundley Sr.2, born Bef. 1631 in 
                                 Gloucester Co. VA.

                    Generation No. 2

                      2.  Phillip Hundley Sr.2 (Phillip1 Hundley) 
                           was born Bef. 1631 in Gloucester Co. VA.  
                           He married ?.
                    Children of Phillip and ? are:
                     +3 i.	Phillip Hundley Jr.3, born 1658 in Gloucester Co. VA.
                      4 ii.	George Hundley, born 1670.  
                                 He married Judith ? Bef. 1702 in Gloucester Co. VA.
                      5 iii.    Richard Hundley, born 1689 in Abingdon Parrish, Gloucester Co. VA.  
                                 He married Ann ?.

                    Generation No. 3

                    3.  Phillip Hundley Jr.3 (Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley) 
                         was born 1658 in Gloucester Co. VA.  
                         He married Ann Kemp Bef. 1695 in Gloucester Co. VA..

                    More About Phillip Hundley Jr.:
                    Residence: Kingston Parish Gloucester Co. Va
                    Children of Phillip and Ann Kemp are:
                     6 i.	Ambrose4 Hundley, born 1684 in VA. 
                                 He married Elizabeth Wilkinson.
                     7 ii.	Phillip Hundley, born 1685 in VA.
                    +8 iii.	Wilkinson Hundley, born 1689 in Gloucester Co. VA; 
                                 died May 02, 1772 in Gloucester Co. VA..
                    +9 iv.	Charles Hundley, Sr., born 1700 in VA.
                    10 v.	Anthony Hundley, born 1711 in VA.

                    Generation No. 4

                    8.  Wilkinson4 Hundley (Phillip Hundley Jr.3,  
                         Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley) 
                         was born 1689 in Gloucester Co. VA,
                         and died May 02, 1772 in Gloucester Co. VA..  
                         He married Unknown Abt. 1725 in Gloucester Co. VA.
                    Children of Wilkinson Hundley and Unknown are:
                    +11	i.	Charles5 Hundley, died May 30, 1778 in Amelia Co. VA.
                    +12	ii.	George Hundley.
                    +13	iii.	John Hundley.
                     14	iv.	Elizabeth Hundley.
                     15	v.	Mary Hundley.
                     16	vi.	Joshua Hundley.
                     17	vii.	Nehemiah Hundley.
                     18	viii.	Josiah Hundley, born Abt. 1728 in Gloucester Co. VA; 
                                 died 1788 in Amelia Co. VA.

                    9.  Charles4 Hundley, Sr. (Phillip Hundley Jr.3, Phillip Hundley Sr.2, 
                         Phillip1 Hundley) was born 1700 in VA. 
                         He married Anne ?.
                    Children of Charles Hundley and Anne ? are:
                     19	i.	Charles5 Hundley, born 1713.
                     20	ii.	John Hundley, born 1714.
                    +21	iii.	Anthony Hundley, born 1715.
                     22	iv.	Joel Hundley, born 1715.
                     23	v.	Josiah Hundley, born 1717.
                     24	vi.	Elizabeth Hundley, born 1720. 
                                 She married ? George.
                     25	vii.	Anne Hundley, born 1720. 
                                 She married ? Harper.
                     26	viii.	Mary Hundley, born 1725.
                     27	ix.	Salley Hundley1, born 1725.

                    Generation No. 5

                    11.  Charles5 Hundley (Wilkinson4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley) 
                          died May 30, 1778 in Amelia Co. VA.  
                          He married Ann Motley, daughter of Joseph Motley.
                    Children of Charles Hundley and Ann Motley are:
                     28	i.	John6 Hundley.
                     29	ii.	Josiah Hundley.
                     30	iii.	Elizabeth Hundley.
                     31	iv.	Ann Hundley.
                     32	v.	Mary Hundley.
                     33	vi.	Salley Hundley.
                    +34	vii.	Anthony Hundley, born October 15, 1732.
                     35	viii.	Charles Hundley, Jr., born 1740 in VA; 
                                 died August 06, 1818 in Washington Co. KY.
                     36	ix.	Joel Hundley Sr., born 1744 in VA; 
                                 died March 21, 1831 in Pickens Co. Al..

                    12.  George5 Hundley (Wilkinson4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley).
                    Child of George Hundley is:
                    +37	i.	George6 Hundley, Jr..

                    13.  John5 Hundley (Wilkinson4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley).
                    Children of John Hundley are:
                     38	i.	William Hundley6, born 1800.
                     39	ii.	William W. Hundley, born 1811.
                     40	iii.	Salley W. Hundley, born 1817.

                    21.  Anthony5 Hundley (Charles4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley) 
                          was born 1715.  
                          He married ?.
                    Child of Anthony Hundley and ? is:
                     41	i.	Salley Hunley6.  
                                 She married ? Singleton.

                    Generation No. 6

                    34.  Anthony6 Hundley (Charles5, Wilkinson4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley) 
                          was born October 15, 1732. 
                          He married Ann Dupuy, 
                          daughter of Pierre Dupuy and Judith Lefevre.
                    Children of Anthony Hundley and Ann Dupuy are:
                     42	i.	Anthony7 Hundley, died in the revolutionary war.
                     43	ii.	Ann Hundley.
                     44	iii.	Elizabeth Hundley.
                    +45	iv.	William Hundley, born February 29, 1743/44; 
                                 died 1800 in Mecklinburg Co VA.
                     46	v.	Elijah Hundley, born Bef. 1768.
                    +47	vi.	Charles Hundley, born 1768; died 1845 in Halifax Co. VA.

                    37.  George6 Hundley, Jr. (George5, Wilkinson4, Phillip Hundley Jr.3, 
                          Phillip Hundley Sr.2, Phillip1 Hundley).
                    Child of George Hundley, Jr. is:
                    +48	i.	John7 Hundley.

The Story of Maggie Spencer Hundley Williams 

                    Letter writter is brother of Thomas  Hundley  ? 
                                      Yazoo Co. Oct. 12th 1868 
                    Dear Brother, 
                       I am sorry to say I have not received a line from 
                    you in nearly six months although I have written several 
                    times.  I think you certainly might to write and give me 
                    your notions about our business. 
                    We cannot carry our business here in this place another 
                    year without great repairs being done on the place, and with 
                    the ____ force we have on the place this year it 
                    is out of the question to talk of repaying the lease when 
                    we cannot get the crop gathered. I think we will have to 
                    hire hands to pick out our little cotton crop.  John and J___
                    are perfectly worthless being all the time sick neither of them 
                    has ____ a week for the last two months, we have with great 
                    difficulty picked and sold five bales of cotton to pay a bill we 
                    owe in Yazoo City for pork we got .24 1/2 cents not no tax now 
                    the bales averaged 510 lbs. A piece it took us a week to give it
                    on our old ____ and then left at least a ____ of the lent on the 
                    seeds. But I hared a man to sharpen it since but have not tried 
                    it since then he has given general satisfaction everywhere. 
                    We had to pay him forty cents for Sara.  I think the most of our 
                    cotton will make a bale to the acre. We have cotton planted in
                    the _____  ____ and cotto field and I don't think we have more 
                    than thirty acres in all it is late and has juss now begin to 
                    open _____ the army worms come so late I don't think they ____ aged 
                    us a great deal.  Our corn crop is a pretty fair one for the late
                    start in the spring which made the corn come in the drout we had 
                    in the spring early corn done well here this year we have housed 
                    about eight hundred bushels.  I think  our crop will exceed a 
                    thousand bushels,  cotton here now is only worth twenty cents and
                    falling every day.  I think it will go to ten cents before it stops, 
                    I do not think planting here next year will be proffitable labour
                    is going to be high and everybody has plenty of head to do them 
                    so a great many will not hire at any price.  This share of the 
                    crop system had survived our country now every negro wants to set
                    up on his own ____ and if you _____  ____ land the results is 
                    they make nothing they have turned out to steel everything from 
                    the whiteman they can I never had as much steeling on the place 
                    before in my life as we have had this year, and the truth is a man 
                    cannot l____ house with a free negro cook and housekeeper it
                    would break any man to keep thing supplied.  I never lived in 
                    my life at the time as hard as I have this year and the result 
                    has been bad health. ____ and myself have been sick all the fall
                    I have been very ill twice sense I wrote you with congestive fiver
                    and sclapsed from exposure and not having a thing fit for a sick man 
                    to eat and today I have a fever on me but I never stop now for the 
                    fevers in  has been a very sickly year hear Mr. Gibbs and his 
                    family have been very sick all the time also. Major Bell  and family 
                    Kirk is very sick now with pneummonia and has had a sick family for 
                    months, we have had light frost not enough to touck the _ _ _ derist 
                    regetations(?). but have had the wettest fall I ever saw and the 
                    worst time for cotton picking.  Thomas I had a strong notion when 
                    I wrote you before of living in this country but I am _____ from it 
                    now a man sir is a fool to sacrifice his life for money and a man 
                    who would leave in  and settle in such a hole as this does not deserve 
                    to live out his days.  If you know of any respectable business I 
                    could get in to I will at once leave this God forsaken  swamp  never 
                    to return it is hard at best for a man to toil for a living in a 
                    healthy country surrounded by good society and all other comforts
                    of life here a man has all the horrors and none of the 
                    comforts of life not even the privilage of hearing the gospel 
                    preached by man of any inttligences and and besides I am now in 
                    very bad health and _____ all mens not raised here  by health 
                    improves very slowly and infact I don't believe I ever will get
                    as stout and well as I was before.  You have no idea how much I 
                    suffered when I was sick no one to do a thing for me who cared a wit 
                    Dr. Little attended me and done it very well he is a fine man offered 
                    to take me to his house where I could have better attensions but
                    thank God  I am more likely to get ablt to leave these swamps and 
                    I want you to write me at once.  I can get Johnnie Fore (Tore?) 
                    to live here I think but he cant do much with the place in 
                    it's present condition.  Thos there will not be a house standing 
                    on this place in three years and the f____ who can p____ them up 
                    with a small force no _____  _____ out of the swamp and none (?) there 
                    land can see.  If _____ _____ find re___________ he could make the 
                    fortune here buying up the lands on Yazoo River  they best of them 
                    only bring a hundred _____.  I had a letter from  E. P. Jones the 
                    other day statng that he had recovered by law Mr. Yuilles bonds and 
                    that he had them in his possession now what a blunder Henry made 
                    not to have let him _____ __ place for the debt which he would have 
                    willingly ___ at the close of the war. Write me at once and say 
                    what you think best for us to do.  I don't see how we can make 
                    anything here unless we can get out of the hands of the merchant whis 
                    seems impossible for I have tried as hard to rais my pork as I ever
                    ___ in my life and now have about thirty head in all 
                    (apparently  the last page is missing) 

                    Letter from Thomas Y. Scott or Yewell to ??? 
                                                             Big Black July 30, 1859 
                    Dear   ?all, 
                     So it has just been a week today since you left, and I promised 
                    to write to you once a week.  I now take my pen in hand to fulfill
                    my promise, it is the dryest time here I ever saw.  We have not had
                    a drop of rain and no prospect for any.  We don't even have dews 
                    at night, the cotton has commenced sheding both leaves and forms, 
                    the prospect is beginning to look gloomy.  I was in the field today 
                    and all of the white blooms was on the top of the cotton and you know 
                    that is a bad sign it is so dry that the cotton has stop growing.  
                    Mr. Ceole(?) says if we don't have rain in a few days that he don't 
                    think he will make a hundred bales his cotton is sheding worse then ours. 
                    Old  Mike Hooten (? Hooter?) is still praying for rain but his prayers 
                    seems to avail us nothing nor himself either. It is hard to say what 
                    cotton is going to do.  The thing Cooks against us now for any thing 
                    but short crop if we don't have rain in a few days.  I think it will 
                    be a very short crop myself for it is sheding rapidly I shall have 
                    to commence on my fodders.  Monday it is burning up so fast and if I
                    don't pull it right away I won't be able to save any so I shall pitch 
                    right in to it Monday morning and probably that will bring rain they 
                    have had rain every where else but right through here we must be worse 
                    than any one else but that won't hold good recording to the good book 
                    for it says he sends rain in the just and unjust.  The corn is very fair crop.
                    Would like to have had rain on the young corn in the bottom, but it 
                    is too late.  That would have made a great deal more.  There is a 
                    great deal of sicknip in this country now.  George Thomas is very 
                    low fever was out of his senses yesterday all day but was thought 
                    to be something better this morning.  I have some chills here but have 
                    managed to stop them, so far very successfully long many and Henry Barksdale
                    have fever now but not bad I will stop it tomorrow I hope. Nick has 
                    taken a back set fain (?) the last two days and I don't think he will
                    live long I thought he was dieing might before last but I was mistaken 
                    he seem to all most suffercate something  bussted in his lungs I suppose he 
                    is mighty poor and very feeble another such attac he can't stand, I am 
                    giving him the Iron and pectoral as you did you need not to be surprise 
                    to hear he is dead at no time.  Thank god I am in pretty good health, 
                    I don't know of any news that would interest you I have 
                    not seen any body to hear what was going on in the neighborhood, oh yes 
                    there is a big meeting going on at concord.  I heard yesterday, I believe 
                    I have given you a correct statement of every thing intrusted to my care,  
                    these puppys bother me more than all my money I can't keep them in the 
                    yard I wish you would let some one take them until you get back.  Write to 
                    me soon and write long and loud.  Give my love to Aunt Fanny and all the 
                    rest of the family tell Charles to write to me, give my love to Ma and the 
                    children and every body and take some for yourself 
                                                    Your Cousin, 
                                                    Thomas Y Scott 
                    Vy says she hope you are well and doing well and sends her love to you