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Tondoggs Pokemon Valley

R&R (reminders and ridicule)

These are my features

What is a pokemon?
My pokemon codes
My pokeraps
My awards (hurrah!)
My pokE-mail form. Thats a great pun isnt it?
My evolution chart
The lyrics for almost everything
Strategies on the gym leaders and elite 4
My tm and hm list
My messed up images
My Town Map
My links page
My adopted pokemon
My club
My chats for aol memberz only!
Win my award!
Battle Chart
My banners section! Post your banner here!
You asked for got it! DOWNLOADS!
Link to me! Get my banner on your page!
My Item and Badge list!
My voting section. Please Vote!
My character profiles section!
Tondoggs Pokemon Valley Info center! (2nd part of this site!)

I would like to thank Chris Baumann for making my banner at the top of my page. Thanx! Visit his site here!

I got the adclix banner!! Be sure to click on it! I also got downloads! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! -Tondogg


Sorry everyone, but no more updates will take place. I really have no reason to continue this site, and it's just a crap load of trouble for me. So enjoy what's there.


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