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Chapter Fourteen

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

``Hello, yes? Yes, that's right. Yes. You'll 'ave to speak up, there's an awful lot of noise in 'ere. What?

``No, I only do the bar in the evenings. It's Yvonne who does lunch, and Jim, he's the landlord. No, I wasn't on. What?

``You'll have to speak up.

``What? No, don't know anything about no raffle. What?

``No, don't know nothing about it. 'Old on, I'll call Jim.''

The barmaid put her hand over the receiver and called over the noisy bar.

``'Ere, Jim, bloke on the phone says something about he's won a raffle. He keeps on saying it's ticket 37 and he's won.``

``No, there was a guy in the pub here won,'' shouted back the barman.

``He says 'ave we got the ticket.''

``Well how can he think he's won if he hasn't even got a ticket?''

``Jim says 'ow can you think you've won if you ''aven't even got the ticket. What?``

She put her hand over the receiver again.

``Jim, 'e keeps effing and blinding at me. Says there's a number on the ticket.''

``Course there was a number on the ticket, it was a bloody raffle ticket wasn't it?''

``'E says 'e means its a telephone number on the ticket.``

``Put the phone down and serve the bloody customers, will you?''

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