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Chapter Thirteen

Ford Prefect bounded up to the bridge of the Heart of Gold.

``Trillian! Arthur!'' he shouted, ``it's working! The ship's reactivated!''

Trillian and Arthur were asleep on the floor.

``Come on you guys, we're going off, we're off,'' he said kicking them awake.

``Hi there guys!'' twittered the computer, ``it's really great to be back with you again, I can tell you, and I just want to say that ...''

``Shut up,'' said Ford, ``tell us where the hell we are.''

``Frogstar World B, and man it's a dump,'' said Zaphod running on to the bridge, ``hi, guys, you must be so amazingly glad to see me you don't even find words to tell me what a cool frood I am.''

``What a what?'' said Arthur blearily, picking himself up from the floor and not taking any of this in.

``I know how you feel,'' said Zaphod, ``I'm so great even I get tongue-tied talking to myself. Hey it's good to see you Trillian, Ford, Monkeyman. Hey, er, computer ...?''

``Hi there, Mr Beeblebrox sir, sure is a great honor to ...''

``Shut up and get us out of here, fast fast fast.''

``Sure thing, fella, where do you want to go?''

``Anywhere, doesn't matter,'' shouted Zaphod, ``yes it does!'' he said again, ``we want to go to the nearest place to eat!''

``Sure thing,'' said the computer happily and a massive explosion rocket the bridge.

When Zarniwoop entered a minute or so later with a black eye, he regarded the four wisps of smoke with interest.

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