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Chapter Twenty-six

``Yes, very salutary,'' said Arthur, after Slartibartfast had related the salient points of the story to him, ``but I don't understand what all this has got to do with the Earth and mice and things.''

``That is but the first half of the story Earthman,'' said the old man. ``If you would care to discover what happened seven and a half millions later, on the great day of the Answer, allow me to invite you to my study where you can experience the events yourself on our Sens-O-Tape records. That is unless you would care to take a quick stroll on the surface of New Earth. It's only half completed I'm afraid --- we haven't even finished burying the artificial dinosaur skeletons in the crust yet, then we have the Tertiary and Quarternary Periods of the Cenozoic Era to lay down, and ...''

``No thank you,'' said Arthur, ``it wouldn't be quite the same.''

``No,'' said Slartibartfast, ``it won't be,'' and he turned the aircar round and headed back towards the mind-numbing wall.

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