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Where Do They Live?

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This map shows where each subspecies of tiger lives (or used to live).

Tiger Distribution Map Map from Tiger Island

In the wild, a tiger's habitat requires some form of vegetative cover, sufficient prey, and access to water. Many tigers live in zoos. There are, what is considered to be, too many Bengal tigers in captivity, but a lot are of questionable lineage. All but one of the studbook-registered captive population of Bengal tigers are in India. Indochinese captive management programs in Asia are currently being developed and expanded. The situation for captive management of Sumatran tigers is very good. It has the potential to function as the heart of the worldwide population of Sumatran tigers. The captive program for Siberian tigers is also very good. It is the largest and longest managed program for any of the subspecies. The South China tiger's future does not look good. In 1995, the South China tiger captive population was only about a third of what it should be. China has, however, made some valiant efforts and there are plans of further action to try and secure the South China tiger's future.

Index | The Basics | Subspecies | Extinction | Links

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