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~*Welcome to Debbie's Peaceful Place*~

~*Welcome to my peaceful, quiet, place where man and nature are treated with respect and are able to live together in harmony and tranquility*~

I live in Northern Ontario. I have lived up here for 28 years and would not move back to the big city for anything! It took me a few years to get use to the much slower pace. But I love it now. People know who you are and you walk down the street and say hi as your pass by. *S*

I'm orginally from Toronto. I moved here to be with my sweetie who I met in Morristown, N.J. We have been together for almost 28 years and have a 27 year old son.
One grand daughter, who is 7 and one grandson who is almost 3 years old and is as cute as a button. *S* We live by the river and the last few years we've had the sounds of the loons drift thru our bedroom windows at 5 a.m. and there is nothing like it. *S*

~*I love to listen to the birds singing and the baby birds chirping happily in the 3 nesting boxes I have on our property*~

It's always nice to watch the chipmunks scampering around the garden rushing to find food before the winter comes again. And it is funny to watch the chipmunk family squeeze themselves through a little hole in the side of our garage where they stay until the babies have grown up and leave the nest. Sometimes all you can see is a little head s ticking out of the hole looking to see if the coast is clear.

One summer we actually had a beaver walk through our backyard, maybe that's why we built the pond, figuring he was trying to tell us something.

~*So thanks for dropping~*

~*And remember all God's creatures are on this planet for a reason, we just have to take the time to figure out what the reason is*~

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