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Sorry for not being to up-to-date. THE NEW CD WE'RE TALKING BRAND NEW CD "Beyond The Blue" IS AT A STORE NEAR YOU. Alright. We are from Va. The Name of the band is The Blue Ants Won. We are a punk band and a heavy music band in one.The reason is because different people call us different things.We play heavy music I think but its all about what the fans think so if you guys say we're punk then we're punk. Never the less we are a band that wants to share are views but not try to change the views of others. We are a band that likes to play. We hate to record but we do it anyway. The Cd called:"Lucky, you get to eat" is out on Whats its name Records. You can also get other Cds of our such as: 7 ate 9 and other fun games and number tricks" on LuckyDog Recording Label, For other Merch email me at: We will have pictures of merch as well. -Chino

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The Politically motivated, The Blue Ants Won are:

You can watch The Blue Ants Won dance and sing at:

Our Thoughts on guns and such.