When starting a homepage, the first thing you must do is to go to one of the servers who offer free homepages and register your account. Popular servers for this are:

Talk City
Ge ocities
Angelfir e


After you register you will be asked to log in with your member name and password. After you have done this you will be sent to your file directory. At tripod this is called your "Homepage Housekeeper". This is where your files are listed. Be sure to save this page to your favorites for future use. Tripod has a new Homepage Studio which is for computers only and will not work for Webtv. By saving the Homepage Housekeeper" page and using it to go to your files later you can avoid getting into the wrong homepage studio by mistake. Tripod has two methods available for building a homepage. "Quick Page" is for the preformated, no html editor and "Custom Page" is for the html editor. There should be one file listed in your directory called "index.html". It will be shown as a Quick Page. To the right of the file type are some options you choose. If you want to edit your own html click on "convert" to change the file type to "text or html" Below the Tripod and Lycos banners, and above your file list is a pulldown that says "Create a Quick Page". By clicking on this you will see other options such as "Create a Custom page" and "Create a subdirectory" etc. Use this pulldown when you want to add a page or a subdirectory to your site. To edit your page just click "edit" in the right hand column afer the file name. You will be taken to the proper editor for your page format. Just follow the instructions for Quick Page or scroll down once and start writing your html page. Tripod is fairly easy to use and beginners should not have too difficult a time there.


It's easy to register at Talk City, I just don't remember much about it but I'll give you what I can. Also, they have changed the pages since I registered there so I will just give you the key things. Just fill out the enrollment form and after you submit it you will be asked to log in and start your page. At talk city you can choose to use the "Power Tools" editor for a preformatted, no html page or select "Master Tools" to write your own html codes. You will then go to your file manager. At Talk City this is called your "Web Site Manager". Things to note about talk city are that they do not provide for subdirectories so all of your files must be in the main director. This can become a problem if you have a lot of files. It is possible to create subs there but it requires the use of the transloader to do it and they will not be shown in your file manager. Another inconvienence I have noticed is that when you view one of your pages from the file manager, it is displayed in a frame on their page therefor you cannot use you "go-to, show last" to get the url to cut and copy for pasting later in another place. They do have good counter options and a nice guestbook which are found in the "applications manager" at the bottom of the page. Talk city is a good place for beginners to build a basic homepage.


This one was a real pain to sign up for. There is a lot of information to fill out and when you finally get to the page where you choose your address in the neighborhood you have selected, the submit button is likely to send you back to the same page. You will see a message there that says that someone else already moved into that address and to choose another from the list shown. Your chosen address will still be on the list. I tried to get past this road block on three different occasions and finally got in so don't make any other plans for the day you choose to register there. They then ask you to log into your account with your name and password and that will take you to a page where you will choose your editing preference. The "basic editor" is your preformated, no html editor and the "advanced editor" is your html editor. After selecting which editor you wish to use you will then be taken to your file manager. At Geocities this is called your "file Manager" and it is so cluttered with junk that you have to scroll down three times to find your file "index.html". Both above and below your file name are a lot of button options,you'll just have to figure out for yourself whichones you want to click on. I don't recomend Geocities for beginners.


At Angelfire after you have registered and logged in you will be sent to your file directory where your files are shown. At Angelfire this is called your "Web Shell" Of coarse you haven't created any files here yet but you might find a file called "index.html" which has been created for you. Below the file list are your file options. "Create/edit" will take you to the preformatted, no html text editor where you can write to your page without using html. "Advanced" will take you to the html text editor where you can write your own html codes and text. To edit an existing file you must first check the check box next to the file name. Registration at Angelfire is easy and the file manager is clean and well organized and easy to use. On the down side of Angelfire you should note that they do not allow for subdirectories except one for images. Also the text editor is not full screen wide because of a side bar on the left side. Transloading to Angelfire is a little tricky and requires an extra step to get the file from the ftp server into your files. This site though computer friendly, is not particularly Webtv friendly in the ftp department. I can recommended Angelfire for beginners but it is not my first choice.