Net Dummy Awards

Dummy's Name: Cynthia Baker
Dummy's Homepage:  
Dummy's Qualifications: I've had this webtv for about 4 months and i still don't how to do anything but write and e-mail people. I do not know how to do any of the other stuff,like my friend.I need hands on experience someone to be in front of me showing me how to do these thing. smile. I guess one day i wil get it.

Dummy's Name: Linda
Dummy's Homepage: Haven't gotten it up as of yet. ( Love From Above )
Dummy's Qualifications: I still do not know the html codes. I had help with my web site. A friend of mine did it for me. All I did was give her all the info. I have read and read on how to use the codes but to no avail. I think I will need help to installing if I get the award.

Dummy's Name: Annemarie
Dummy's Homepage:  
Dummy's Qualifications: I feel I qualify for this award because fit most of the bill. Isn't that awful still can't get it after all this :-)

Visitor's Name: kevin
Homepage URL: kcs22
You are from: PLACE
Comments: html?? isn't that a name for a new age band???
Sign Time: 1999-07-15 at 09:15:11

Visitor's Name: Jenn y
Homepage URL: jen_h_2
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I think I qualify because I really don't know anything about the internet. I set up a homepage, but do not know how in the world to get to it. It doesn't have anything on it because I didn't know how to do it. I really don't know what the alt key is for, or what html means. Up until last night, I didn't know what an irc was, still don't understand exactly what it is though!!!! LOL!! Jenny
Sign Time: 1999-07-16 at 08:37:49

Visitor's Name: Lara
Homepage URL:  
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I can't do anything but check my e-mail
Sign Time: 1999-07-17 at 12:23:49

Visitor's Name: GIC< br> Homepage URL: Gicurok's Place
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I feel I am qualified to receive this esteemed award because I always have to change words in my email found by the spell checker, I have had my webtv for over six months and do not know what the alt key is for, and lastly I do not know what the fn key is for. This was not on your list, but I still have to ask my friends how to do things on here, like with html and what not. I hope you will consider me for your fine award. Thanks!! GIC
Sign Time: 1999-07-19 at 08:11:06

Visitor's Name: Mom
Homepage URL: Do You Believe in Magic
You are from: PLACE
Comments: How about going in circles in the file manager,not knowing what the heck your doing but,like I said going in circles.Just trying to move a gif to your home page is a joke when you dont know how!!
Sign Time: 1999-07-31 at 12:28:58

Visitor's Name: Shirlene Burns
Homepage URL: Music & Movies
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I've been working on my homepage for 3 years and just learned how to connect my other pages to my index.html file.
Sign Time: 1999-08-01 at 00:14:14

Visitor's Name: Judy
Homepage URL: Judy's Pages
You are from: PLACE
Comments: Becuz, I want it bad! I got a Hillbilly Hoedown page I wana put it on.PLEEEEZE!
Sign Time: 1999-08-01 at 09:49:03

Visitor's Name: Renee
Homepage URL:  
You are from: PLACE
Comments: dont knpw what alt key is for and dont ever use spell check
Sign Time: 1999-08-07 at 08:29:04

Visitor's Name: char lotte
Homepage URL: c har740
You are from: PLACE
Comments: i dont know how to cut&past mess up in spelling in my email always haft to use spell check dont know what theAlt key is for allso have problem in puting stuff in my homepage you could call me dummy
Sign Time: 1999-08-09 at 20:11:36

Visitor's Name: Archerji m
Homepage URL: Archerjim`s Homepage
You are from: PLACE
Comments: what is the alt key for what is the fn key for still cant make the transloader work
Sign Time: 1999-08-27 at 14:22:17

Visitor's Name: Melissa< /A>
Homepage URL:
Melissa's Page
You are from: PLACE
Comments: Spell Checker??? We have a Spell Checker??? I've had this webtv for a year and a half and still don't know what Alt means. My signatures on my e-mails were always so long, i'd erase them all the time. My page was so messed up that webtv people could see it but computer users could not. I had to have someone with a comp fix my homepage to get it working again. I don't even know what the esc key does. Heck, I thought I was pretty smart but until I saw this page, I knew I was a Net Dummie no matter how smart I thought I was.
Sign Time: 1999-08-31 at 23:40:29

Visitor's Name: Mr s Giggles
Homepage URL: Everythin g Romantic!
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I have no idea how to build a website without an Easy Build thingie. What spell-check? What's an e-signature? I'm now quite lost as to how to make new pages now that my online editor has changed their programs I have no idea I was stealing bandwidth until I received irrate emails from folks, and then spent the next three weeks asking for help as to how to upload images, and now, I can think back on those days with horror. Every page of mine has the bottom frame of the broswer going ERROR DETECTED and I've long learned to ignore that nonsense.
Sign Time: 1999-09-03 at 04:36:42

Visitor's Name: gabalo t80
Homepage URL: Gabalot80's Home On The Web
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I use my find key all the I not supposed to???I have never used my ALT key or my CTRL keyand What is the FN key for anyway?The esc button never does anything when I push it.I can CCP but the transloader and myself just don't click,I like my scrapbook though,it works just fine.Please give me a Dummie award...I would display it with pride on my homepage...I have never won an award so I fiure If I want one better sign up for one *LOL*.Man If I can't get this one I'm gonna cry *sigh*....Guess I better stop gabbin and let you send me my award {hint hint}
Sign Time: 1999-09-10 at 10:44:17

Visitor's Name: BADNIL
Homepage URL:
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I believe I surely qualify for the DUMMIE AWARD, I'm having a terrible time building a page, and figuring out how to use the html's, so I can have color's and music and all that other pretty stuff I've seen on other sites! Thanks, Badnil aka Linda
Sign Time: 1999-09-11 at 14:25:06

Visitor's Name: Dare
Homepage URL: My Family Quest
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I have never used the alt key and really don't know what it's for. I have annoyed many people who have tried to teach me about transloading and banner clicking. I am, in general, a pest.
Sign Time: 1999-09-19 at 13:09:30

Visitor's Name: >Bumper
Homepage URL: Bumper's Dream Land
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I've had my webtv for over a year and don't understand the "Alt" thingy. I don't know what "fn" is, let alone use it. And yes I did get a reply from Webtv help... that actually addressed my problem, it didn't help this dummy much, because I didn't understand everything they were talking about.
Sign Time: 1999-09-23 at 09:06:23

Visitor's Name: MadMark
Homepage URL: Musicians Inc.& Strange Links
You are from: PLACE
Comments: Working hours working on a website, then accidently hitting the back button to find the whole thing deleted, then do it all over again only to hit the back button once more. The worst thing is I started over and did it a third time... gave up and went to bed curssing. (my wife and dog were hiding) Will somebody please put that back button somewhere else on the keyboard???
Sign Time: 1999-10-15 at 16:37:39

Visitor's Name: Bonnie
You are from: PLACE
Comments: I don't have any idea what I am doing. I was putting web rings on my page and can't figure out how to make the picture stay on the banner.
Sign Time: 1999-10-16 at 20:05:01

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