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This just may become the biggest collection of Dummies ever assembled into one place. Those that were able to type have described why they feel qualified for the honor they have each received. For those who were unable to type their qualifications I will provide the reason I felt they were qualified for the award. I do hope no one takes offence at anything on this page, it is all in fun and intended to be taken with a sense of humor. When ever possible a link to the Dummy's homepage or website will be provided. You just might be surprised at some of the things a Dummy can do.

Mark is my good friend and considered to be the #1 Net Dummy. He started this Net Dummy Award thing by asking me to make him a "Dummy Award" for his e-mail. This is his request:
".....did i see that you 'got' or that you 'give' Awards? if you 'give' awards... can i get a "Dummy" award? i'd be PROUD to 'get' one, from YOU, M R Techniguy ! i'd put it on TOP of my e~mail page. really !
jerry... if you DON'T "give" awards, ( i didn't get that far to find out) i have a 'favor' to ask of you.~> would you Make me one? (i'm Not kidding) make me a (DUMMY GUY AWARD ) have it linked to all your cool sites and stuff. i'll put it on my e~mail page. i'd be Proud of it ! what do you think ?? please let me know... ok?
now, i'm headed Bak to your site.and check out somemore. your # 1 dummy friend, mark"

Gene writes: "I triple deserve this award." Nothing more was needed from Gene. I worked closly with him when we built his web site. We shared his editor, I wrote the html and Gene wrote the text. Gene has a little trouble with his memory and it took four days before he was able to find the editor on his site and three more days of writing and rewriting captions before he began to remember to save his work before leaving the editor page. He learned quite a bit during the time we were building his site but I don't know how much of it he remembers now. Gene's site is the "Just Moovin" site shown on my Variety Site Directory page.

Terri: OK I have three (maybe 4 or 5) questions to ask and then you can say whether or not I get an award. <G> Terri
1. What IS alt used for? (2 yrs, never used it.
2. Cannot C&P, why?
3. Did not succeed in trying to bounce.
4. I put a song on my e-mail. People at Yahoo can hear it play but I cannot. Why?
5. Still cannot transload but I will keep trying. lol

I do know what these are but cannot do all of them. rofl

Barb: I fit most of he Qualifications on your pg. always use spell check & always miss spelled something.What is the Alt key for?? Can Not transload no matter how hard I try,have a friend use my information and do it for me...Believe me I deserve this award...Thank You....Barb
Here I go to spell check before sending this.......Hey only 4 words this

Maggie: sure the hell applies to although I have gotten alot better.. I could probably steal the award now .. see ya maggie.

Notice Maggie neglected to mention who the hell it applies to and why.

Maureen: 3 months can't answer chat mail don't know where to write it read all directions how to do bgground still no can do. havent gone in chat rm don't know what to say. thought music playing while i did emails was 4 mppl i wrote to to hear. i constantly get sig stuck in bx & black it out. can't spell too good either. so many how to dos don't know how to do anything. so many folders saved i'll never read them too busy reading onelists i joined & don't know how to answer.. thats it!!

Leah: I sure think I qualify. If it weren't for, I would probably still be working on the banner thing. And bouncing email...well, I wont even go into the trouble it brought to my little corner of the web. Please consider this my self nomination for the net dummy award> Leah

Did you notice Leah's period at the end of her paragraph?

Claudia: I would like a "net dummie" award. I think I qualify because I need all of what's on the enclosed page on an F-Key so I can do all the neat stuff with my webtv. lp.html
Thanks for considering me. Claudia

Bev: Your friend Mark has met his match! I have no idea how to cut copy and paste...and if I use spell check.. everyone thinks someone else wrote the letter for me! Isn't a search engine a large engine i a vehicle?? HMMMMMMM...
I thank god everyday I have a 16 year old daughter who can put what i want in my sig box. My homepage was created by a lady I never met...just thru e-mails!!! And I have no idea how to tell anyone where it is!
I do know how to turn on my webtv so I guess that should count for something! And I also now how to give my kids "that look" so they no its time to turn the keyboard over to good ole mom!

Don: hi!!.i have been on the web since dec, 1998 And i really dont know what the alt key is used for!!!

Connie: Dear Techniguy, I think I deserve this award because I actually thought that "HTML" was a WEBTV feature that they should've included in with your set-up instructions!!
Does that qualify me for this award?? haha!! As a matter of fact, I even complained to you that Webtv never told me that I could change the text color in my e-mail!! And you told me that you have to learn that (html) stuff on your own!! I was shocked!! Boy, what a dummy I was!! But you showed me the way & now I really know.. how much I still don't know!! Some things remain the same!!
I am Back Techniguy!! Connie

Bessie: I dun blew up tha dang spell checker. It's jest thet it don't tolk like ah do. So's ah thank onna count uv that thet I desserve the award. Mah url iz: atwalk/3085
Thank ye fer yer speshul konsiderashun. Sincarley,
Possum Flatz, KY

This site is worth seeing. Read about Bessie and Cheryl's alien abduction.

Donna: I am more than qualified for this awesome award....LOL....when we first got the spell checker I was all the instructions on how to use it but didnt understand them....have not used the spell checker even one tme....cause I dont know how!!!!!

Casa de ChaCha

Belinda: If anyone deserves this I do. Its a kinda funny story I was trying to learn things about making a web page, and a dear, kind friend was tying to tell me how and what I was doing wrong, short of everything. She would explain things over and over. Then one day I wrote to ask another question in the subject box I put from dumb & dumber. So after she helped me finish my page. I asked another friend to make her and award the "dumb & dumber award" for endurances and patience. That is why I feel I am qualified to receive the award. Thank you and send me your hall of fame I would love to see it.

Vouno's Lets Find Something Good

Laura: i think i desreve the net dummy award cos, well here is the truth,,number 1 right now someone else is typing my letter for me,,,,,2,,,,my daughter types in the chat rooms for me and she also creates my homepages for me cos i know nothing of html.oh yea i am the one that chooses the pics and style of the page ,,,(does that matter,,,),,,,lol Laura,

Vdague: I still don't understand alot of what can be done on the web. So I guess that makes me a net dummy. Notice on my page the two empty boxes that I can't figure out how to erase out of my sig box.

Vdague's Homepage

Dennis: After spending 4 hours trying to put A audioscope in, only to discover I was useing auTioscope, still don't know what the ALT buttons for. And on top of everything when I started this email I was putting everything in the subject matter.

Teresa: What IS the alt key for? Aligning Lotsa Text?

Brenda: I didn't know it was real. I want one!

Brenda's Webpage

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