Camera Replies

You think you felt foolish? See what others had to say.

LMAO!!!   hehehhehehehehehehehehe...I was looking at the ape when you mailed me... it looked like a porno pic unfolding at first....LOL

There is one person more gullible than daughter! hahahahaha...she even sat in front of TV, and posed....ohhhh...she is awfully upset with me right now.....cuz I won't stop laughing...nighty night.

Thank you.
I look better now than when I was young. You have MADE MY DAY.

OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS! LOL NOW NOW JERRY!!!!!! YOU JUST WAIT BUDDY!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! AND, I STILL WANT A PIC!!!!!! LMAO! really got me this time. do you know what a fool I feel like? well let me tell you. I took my hair down and brushed it real pretty and then posed for the camera to take my picture.well when I saw that ape I was laughing my butt off. that was a good joke.

Hi, very clever Tech, I wonder how many monkeys, you've caught!! The misspelling made me suspicious, but I still checked it out. Surprise, felt pretty foolish! Fun....

Hi Techniguy!!
        This is a good one!! LOL! But do you think I'd ever tell you or anyone else that I sat in front of my tv smiling??!!! hahaha!!

Jerry someone sent me the same thing and I reacted the same way, sat in front of the damn thing Smiled and took the picture and when the picture loaded I almost wet my pants laughing.

Hi Jerry, well I guess you caught one more gullible person. Thanks for the laughs, I sure can use a few these days. God Bless. Anyway I take lousy pictures. < grin >  

This was great thanks for sending it. Just so you can have a chuckle I fell for it thought it was a real camera and where I can't send pictures with my web I thought my problems were over so I got all gussied up followed the instructions and took my picture well pretty good likeness if you ask me........haha

Thank you all for your replies.