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House Wanderer

A work in progress, updated 2/1/02


"Not all who Wander are lost."
---J. R. R. Tolkien

Founded in AS XXXII (well, we've been around longer than that, but we didn't bother getting organized until then) by Lord Tadhg O'Murchadha the Wanderer and Lord Taran MacAnghus the Wanderer, House Wanderer exists only to serve (its own twisted needs, that is). We are a small household of good gentles with a common bond of theatre, service, and having a good time. Generally, our members can be found doing good deeds, and/or wandering all over the place at an event. We wander because it enables us to meet more people, do more good deeds, and it prevents those large men that think we owe them some gold from finding us (a big misunderstanding, really).

We are hardly exclusive; in fact, most Wanderers are affiliated with other households in addition to House Wanderer. We have members of the House in the kingdoms of: Caid, The West, An Tir, and Trimaris. Since we all tend to wander about the Known World, we created a household to foster the development of the fine Art of Wandering. Sometime in the Near Future (before we all grow old and die), there will be pictures of the various members of the House, as well as links to their personal webpages. Be sure to check back in with us and see what strange things we're up to!

How do you contact us?

First, bury $10,000 in gold coins in your backyard (for those without a backyard, any reasonably private plot of land will do) and wait for the signs to appear in the sky. However, if you prefer to try a faster (and less expensive approach), you could try emailing us.

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