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  • :[][][][][][][][][][]: SITE INFORMATION :

  • This site was tested on IE5-6. It makes extensive use of cascading style sheets, so unless you have an updated (reasonably so) browser, you may encounter errors here and there. There shouldn't be many problems, but with various browsers come various "issues" on what they render properly, and what they totally screw up,...typical. Netscape in particular has some real problems with CSS,...oh well, what DON'T they have trouble with.
  • 3 font types are used on this site, 2 of which are extremely common. The other is only used in the page headers, so if you don't want to download it, no problem (but it IS a nice clean font). Webdings is necessary in order to display the navigation markers properly.
  • Webdings
  • Comic Sans MS
  • BakerSignet BT You can get this one here. (if you just save it straight to your font folder, it's all over in a few seconds AND it's painless :D )
  • NAVIGATION   [ You'll find the following indicators throughout this site ]
  • 3 ---- Active link / option available
  • < ---- Inactive link / option not available
  • @ ---- Area under construction
  • ---- File link / resource available
  • 7 ---- Previous image [the following are found on image pages only]
  • 8 ---- Next image
  • = ---- Back to thumbnail gallery

  • I work on a 21" monitor with a 1200x1600 desktop. As a result, many of my images are rendered fairly large. So, many of the images have the option of 2 sizes for the sake of convenience. Images will open in a resizable popup window (because I HATE having to hit the back button all the time). [ And in case you haven't already figured it out, if you simply minimize the first of those terribly ANNOYING Angelfire popup windows instead of closing it, you won't have to deal with anymore of them ]
  • Models
  • Models are available in 2 formats: Lightwave objects [.lwo], and Bryce objects [.obp]. Large models are in lwo format only due to the size of the equivalent Bryce object. This means any model that won't compress to about 2MB as a Bryce object. Compressed files will most often be .cab due to the higher compression ratio. Any decent zip program can handle cab files, so it shouldn't be a problem.
    Image maps may be included with some Lightwave models.
  • Materials
  • Bryce materials in various categories are available. If you happen to be interested in a particular material used in one of my images, please feel free to request it. If I still have it, I'll post it.
  • Future additions
  • I'm considering a couple of other subsections to the resource area as well. Skins, icons, cursors, and possibly a few tutorials. These things will be added as the time presents itself.

  • The main programs I've used over the past 6 years have been fairly consistent. I've tried many others, but these 4 have remained consistent.
  • Lightwave v5/5.6/6.5 3   Mostly used for modelling.
  • Bryce v2/3/4/5 3   My --almost-- exclusive choice for rendering.
  • Poser v2/3/4 3   The most obvious choice for 3D figures.
  • Photopaint v6/7/8/9/10 3   My preferred 2D graphic editor.