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Some Great Lyrics

I see you depend over and over on logic I can't understand...Look What You've Done, Happy Pills

My love to you, I'll be your, your space to you,
Your crooked halo, and I fall, I fall to you again.
Some things I, some things I've never been told...Crooked Halo, Lucy

And I begin to know, and I begin to feel,
everything I've wanted.
And I become a man through you.
You find out my needs...Become (To Tell), Lucy

I don't feel my heart It's burning up
I don't fear my eyes are turning red
I don't feel my arms are breaking up
I don't feel you slipping from my hands...Blossom, Candlebox

And you never change You never change a fucking thing
Not a fucking thing...Cover Me, Candlebox

In the slumber of my sleep
So many thoughts they cover me
A sweet lullaby of memories...Belmore Place, Happy Pills

How can you stray from your direction
How can you wait outside the door that's opened up for you
How can you only see rejection
When I've offered all I have to you...Step Back, Happy Pills

Look what you're offering
By your hands you've emptied my soul
But I'll find some time I'll find somewhere to grow...Offerings, Happy Pills