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April Memories

Your music means so much to me
And every day your life touches mine
Each time I hear the beautiful
Aching music, every line

Somehow this is meant to be
A small display of my esteem
For all members to receive this
And, by chance, adore it is my dream

When you all stand before me,
I feel as if only for me you are there
Even through a crowded room
And reach out my hand, I dare

To my surprise, you turn my way
And with a gentle gaze and bow,
Lean towards me and say 'Oh baby'
Then a moment of my hand in yours you allow

Fiery guitars and drums make me shudder
And quake, reeling in time
Your sailing voice lifting me higher
The feeling is sublime

When that final sad goodbye comes
To the precious memories I cling
And still days later I savor it all
And desire once again to hear you sing