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Beautiful Asian Celebrities 2000: Steve Ma
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It was love at first sight when I first saw Steve. This man is really handsome, he's what Taiwan is all about baby! He's all that and bag of chip! : p

His rank out of the other 14 mens: 12th place (12/15)
When I start liking him: Taiwan's serie "Tatoo Flower"
Looks: 9.9 Talent: 7.0

I'm very happy to see that Steve performance is improving. I think his problem is really-- he's not natural. He sometimes over-act. He put in too much when the scenes only require a little. This is the most common mistake for actors.

Steve's Profile

Chinese name: Ma King To
English name: Steve
Vietnamese name: Ma Canh Dao
Nickname: Taiwanese Hearthrob (I totally agree)
Status: divorced in 1993
Occupation: Actor
Got started: at the age of 22, in a Wong Jing movie "Funny Faces"
Getting popular... at the age of 27, in 1990
Currently at: Taiwan
Also worked for: ATV, Super Impact, TCS
Date of birth: February 14, 1963
Horoscope: Aquarius / Rabbit
Height: 5'10
Birthplace: Taiwan
Favorite color: Black
Hobbies: drawing, art works
How Steve relax: go to his back yard and draw,
Steve likes to draw human figures most
His latest serie: TCS's Legend of the 8 Immortals
Taiwan's Will you still love me tomorrow
His present goal: Become a successful actor

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