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Boise Air Terminal (BOI)

Boise Air Terminal is an airport that is sure to try the patience of any plane spotter. It is not a busy airport, even by small airport standards, and hence, it does not have a lot of takeoffs and landings to offer. While the views of aircraft movements at BOI are good, you'll end up spending more time watching the horizon than you will watching aircraft. Takeoffs and landings are simply not frequent enough at BOI to make it a good plane spotting airport.

BOI is the only major airport in the state of Idaho and has a very simple design structure, with one terminal divided into two concourses (A & B) and two parallel, side-by-side runways to the south of the terminal, 10/28 (L & R). The wait between aircraft movements seems to average about 5 minutes or more, and during slower hours, it can stretch to almost an hour! There simply isn't enough traffic at BOI to give it any worth for spotting.

-Concourse B: From the eastern end of the concourse, you can watch post-rotation departures until they disappear. Rotations can be viewed from the southern end of the concourse, with the rotation usually falling between gates 17 and 19.
-Walkway to Concourse A. Another good viewing area is from a walkway leading into Concourse A. From here, the last 3/4 of the 10 runways are visible, including the rotation point.

-As I have never spent any time spotting outdoors at BOI, I can't recommend any outdoor locations. They do have a parking garage, which I'm sue has a good view, but I've never been in it.

Again, I have never done any outdoor spotting at BOI, so I can't say what security is like around the perimeter. Security in the terminals, however, is tight enough to close the terminal areas overnight.

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