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Your assistance is needed...

    On April 17, 1999, an ambulance arrived at a downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,   abortion clinic at approximately 10:22 a.m.

     According to onsite observers, who captured the incident with two different video cameras, the emergency personnel did not appear to be in any rush. In the 17 minutes they were onsite, they entered the abortion clinic carrying a gurney and exited bearing what appeared to be a dead woman. The body, covered by a sheet, never showed any signs of movement. Emergency personnel were never observed administering CPR or any other care. No IV or oxygen lines were noted by the cameramen. A jacket or sweater can be observed draped across the body's feet.

     Onsite observers believe the evidence points to an abortion-related fatality, but there is no official record of an abortion death. There are no newspaper stories in either the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or the Tribune-Review. According to those witnesses who have attempted to follow up with authorities, there is no record of a 911 call, and the coroner's office has not permitted any verification from death records for April 17, 1999. If there is an official explanation or if these witnesses are mistaken, the authorities are encouraged to provide a public explanation and open all public records. If the clinic called the ambulance firm directly, 911 could have been bypassed. There may be a reasonable explanation.

    You are being asked to "shake the tree" by contacting the individuals and media at the numbers shown here on the right to ask: WHAT'S GOING ON?

     Has an abortion death -- or even a serious injury -- been quietly and efficiently kept out of the news? If so, who did it and why?

     If the injuries are not as severe as they appear, attorney's for the individual's family may want copies of the videotape. They should be alerted.

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Clicking on the highlighted fax numbers below will let you send a fax from your web browser....

NOTE: The times shown for two video cameras are not synchronized.
Phone: (412)255-2626
FAX: (412)255-2687

Rep. William J. Coyne
phone: (412) 644-2870
Fax: (412) 644-3434

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Phone:412) 263-1641

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Phone: (412)396-6030
FAX: (412)396-5061

Phone: (412)562-5900
FAX: (412)562-5936

Phone: (724)846-4100
FAX: (724)843-7771

Phone: (724)266-1110
FAX: (724)266-4929

Phone: (412)731-1250
FAX: (412)244-4596

Phone: (412)937-1500
FAX: (412)937-1576

Phone: (412)575-2200
FAX: (412)575-2874

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