House of Gumbo

Anyways... I know I haven't really updated this site in a long time. Whatever. For those of you who care, I first made this site when I was in middle school. I am now a freshman in college. Almost all of the funny stuff was made either in middle school or during my freshman year at high school. Imagine how much more sarcastic I am now... I wish. In fact, my writing sucks more now than it ever has. Maybe someday I'll get that sarcasm back and write some more on here. As for now, I am attempting to start my own business and am making little progress. Here is a wallpaper that I made from some of my designs. If you are interested, drop me an email. Thanks for visting this little old site. Please sign my guestbook because it makes me feel special.

Watch out! Y3K is coming! Run for your lives!
days 'til the year 3000.